Monday, March 2, 2009

Weight Loss Throw Down Invitation

Since the beginning of the year I've occasionally posted about the
weekly weight loss challenge that Jenny and I have. Recently I've
received some interest from others that would like to join in on the
challenge. I thought about this for at least half a second and decided
that if you're interested in participating you're on.

Let the weight loss challenge throw down begin.

I guess some official rules are in order. Here's what I've come up
with so far.

The initial challenge will last one week and will start Friday morning
March 6th and end Friday morning March 13th.

Here's the process, you weigh yourself on the morning of March 6th and
document your weight. If you're like me you'll actually need to write
it down somewhere so you don't forget the number in the space of a week.

During the week
You do what ever you do to lose weight.

Here are some ideas.
Eat lots of green food such as salad or anything else a rabbit would eat
Go for tons of bike rides
Eat more rabbit food
Talk all the trash you want on my blog to discourage all other
competitors into giving up and eating their weight in chocolate and
fried food
Drink so much water you consider moving your desk closer to the bathroom
at work
Go for more bike rides
Finally eat more rabbit food

On Friday morning weigh yourself to determine your weight loss or gain
for the week.

The final weigh in will be based on percent of weight loss in relation
to your total weight. So for instance last week I weighed 170 lbs and I
lost 1 pound. So my weight loss percent would have been calculated as 1
divided by 170 which equals -.588%

I'm not an engineer so correct my math if I'm wrong. I've been known to
miscalculate things before such as my age.

Once you've figured out your weight loss percent post a comment on my
blog some time during the day on Friday or if you're not comfortable
with going public with your information you can send me an email at

I'll give you all day Friday to send in your reports then on Saturday
I'll announce the BIG winner.

What will I win you say? Well, this contest has two forms of winning.
If you win the weight loss challenge for the week you will receive a
REALLY BIG Prize that I haven't figured out yet. Suffice it to say it
will be in the neighborhood of a $5 gift card unless someone else wants
to donate a prize before then. But wait there's more. In addition, if
you are not the weight loss king/queen of the week you will be required
(have the privilege) to donate to LizzyLou's Livestrong page
to benefit cancer research. Your donation should be somewhere in the range of $5 - $15 depending on how badly you feel you got beat.

If you would like to be part of the throw down either send me an email
or leave a comment to this post and I'll officially log you in as a
contestant. Also, feel free to send this to others who might be
interested in the big challenge.

This should be fun. Let the games, trash talking, and weight loss


Jenny said...

Oh, you are so on. And, now that percentage counts...well, we'll just see who gets to do the winner dance.

Anonymous said...

I am so in. In fact, I already have a strategy worked out too.

Rob said...

Game on! When I win, I wouldn't mind my winnings being donated to the Lizzylou cause. I'm going to prove that Harold Hill's think system really works.