Friday, March 13, 2009

Way to go Lizzylou!

Hi, Jenny here. Mike is unable to post for a few days and has asked me to stand in for him.

Lizzylou was the big winner for the week of Friday March 6 to Friday March 13. She lost a whopping 1.79% last week. AWESOME. In fact everybody did great! Of the reports received, nobody gained any weight this week.

Success for all.

Now, the rest of us realize that when there is a biggest loser there has to be lesser losers. All of you~ Please join Mike and I by going to Lizzylou's Livestrong page and donating $5-15.00 to cancer research. You choose the amount depending on how badly you feel about getting beat.

The Official Weightloss Throwdown will be taking a break this week as it is Mike's 29th? birthday. (He's actually considering changing that number to 39 this year which might or might not be actual.) He's doesn't think weightloss will happen for him this week. You see, I have big plans. (Well okay Mike requested big plans but when it's your birthday you get to make requests!)

Eggrolls and Worlds Best Cake. I'm
also trying to find a perfect gift but when he see's the best cake in the world it won't really matter because he won't notice anything else.

He may still lose weight anyway since we also have plans for "The best bike ride of the year so far" on his birthday. Oh how I hope for sun that day. My toes couldn't take another cold wet one. We're planning on an awesome 67 mile route through Granite Falls and Monroe that we rode last time we were training for the STP. (please pray for sun)

It's a very big week at our house.

Mike turns 29 on Thursday. You should all commemorate this day with a bike ride. Then come here and tell Mike all about it. What a great present that would be. Please be sure to make many comments that day. He needs at least 29 comments in honor of his BIG day. He also needs much trash talk in recognition of the aging process. You know, things like natural blond highlights speckling his head.

It is also our oldest daughters 16th birthday on Friday as well as the day of her first date. Any thoughts on how we should deal with this situation? Our friend has every boy who takes one of his daughters out on a date sign their own bullet. That's an idea...

Watch my blog this week, too. I plan on posting a step by step recipe for making Mike's Eggrolls. I will probably make them on Wednesday since I will be riding my bike (Kleetus) all day on Thursday. I think I'll also ask The Fat Cyclist if I can do the same with the best cake in the world.

Your assignments this week:
Donate to Lizzylous Livestrong Page
Continue with your amazing weight loss
Make a plethora of comments on this blog on Thursday
(write a birthday ballad?)
Try Mike's Eggrolls from the recipe I will be posting on my blog
Share creative ways to recognize our daughters escort Friday night

That should keep you busy for a little while. After that get on your bike and let the good times roll.


LVP said...

Good for you, Lizzylou

Jeff said...

I'll have to remember to come back Thursday to comment. Don't know if I'll be on my bike that day since it will be a "run" day, but maybe I'll put some time in on the trainer...

Brittany, Dan, Kiera and Ethan said...

29?! wow. And you have a 15 year old? You must have started early! Hehe. Happy early birthday though. Have fun on your bike ride and I will pray for sunshine too.

In the words of Kim: said...

SURE - YA - 29 eh? nice! Okay - I think MY eggrolls are the bomb - so I think we're going to have to have an eggroll showdown someday!

Anonymous said...

What's wierd is the whole week I was confident that I was loosing. I had to be loosing.

There will be no wait loss this week though. Oddly enough though, this wednesday is my boyfriends birthday, so I see lots of cake in my future as well :)