Friday, March 6, 2009

Let The Games Begin

Today marks the beginning of the Great Weight Loss Challenge  

And the contestants are:

In this corner, hailing from the state of Utah, an avid cyclist who has competed in the LOTOJA multiple times and will be competing again this year.  It’s Rob.  Rob’s plan for this week’s competition is to use the Prof. Harold Hill think system to think his way to thinness.  Good luck with that one Rob.

And in this corner, from the state of Pennsylvania, a super bike commuter during the week and distance cyclist on the weekends all while holding down a job as a librarian.  It’s Lizzylou.    Lizzylou’s grand plan for the competition is multifaceted.  Here are the steps.  Step 1: Buy a scales. Step 2: Delete Papa Johns from speed dial. Step 3: Drink water, not coke.  Step 4: Cut off all of her hair (She’s sure it adds at least half a pound).    With a plan like that the competition should be scared.

And in this corner, originating from the state of Idaho but now residing in Washington, another avid cyclist and super mom (no capes) is Jenny-Jenny.   Jenny’s plan includes drinking as many spinach smoothies as possible in order to scare the pounds off of her body.  I’d be nervous if I were her pounds.

And finally, in this corner, from the state of Washington, recently a very bored indoor bike trainer rider with aspirations of one day riding outdoors is Mike J.  Mike’s plan is two fold.  1.  Eat Less   2. Move around more.  He might even resort to eating rabbit food in his quest for this title.

On your marks, Get set, Go……..

I’d like to thank everyone who is participating in this challenge.  The winner will receive a $5 gift card to Starbucks.  Since there is one on almost every street corner you should be able to ride your bike there to redeem your winnings.  I’ve never had coffee there before but their hot chocolate is incredible. 

For those of you who don’t win we will also be donating to LizzyLou’s Livestrong page

You just can’t go wrong with this contest.  

If you’re reading this and still want to be part of the action there’s still time.  Just leave a comment or email me at

On another note, Jenny and I are going for a ride on a new route today.  We’re going to ride up north on Chuckanut Drive.  We've never ridden there before but this route boasts some great views like this one of the San Juan Islands.  I’ll let you know next week how the ride went.  

Enjoy your week of loss and get ready to lose to me.  I will be triumphant.  


Jenny said...

Great post I'm exited for the week

Linda said...

I'm in!

Rob said...

I've been thinking hard all day, so watch out!

LVP said...

Hey, I'm slow - but then, I'm old. And I'm in!! I should probably tell you that I have a lot of experience in performing this particular activity. I've been doing it, on and off, for years.

And, by the way, since I'm a sure bet to win, I'd like to suggest a trophy in place of the five bucks for the winner. I haven't received many trophies and I kind of like that idea. Maybe a colored picture of a nice, big one I could display on my Blog when I win. Then maybe the $5 can go to LizzyLou's Live Strong page on occasion along with the contributions from the rest of us.

My weight this morning on the bathroom scales was 193 pounds. You see, I have a BMI of 28 and I'm supposed to be a 22. I figured that out in pounds to lose and decided they're just kidding. I'm joining this competition, frankly, because I want the $5 or the Trophy, whichever way that goes.

So my plan, and my motivation to win are the same thing - get the prize at all costs!

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking hard all day, so watch out!