Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Century To Nowhere

This morning The Fat Cyclist threw down a 100 miles to nowhere century challenge to benefit the Livestrong Challenge. Basically, it entails riding 100 miles on your trainer on a day in April. As I read his post my mind immediately started doing some calculations about what it would take to complete a century on a trainer and how on earth I could have the determination to ride on that trainer for so long. Here’s what I came up with.

How long would this be?
Since I usually average between 16 to 17 MPH when I ride on the trainer to complete 100 miles it would take 6 hours of riding. Yuck, to date my personal best on a trainer ride has been 1:20 just because I couldn’t stand the sheer boredom of it. I think it could be possible to do this if I took a break after every hour so essentially it would be like doing 6 trainer rides rather that one massive trainer marathon.

What would the advantages be of the century to nowhere?
No stop lights, stop signs, or traffic to deal with
No hills to endure
No waiting in line to use a bathroom
No searching for a bathroom
No water bottle refill negotiations at convenience stores
No dogs to chase you (that is unless my dog decides to attack me)
No need to wear a helmet (I very rarely crash while on my trainer)
No need to worry about being dropped by your buddies
No need for sunscreen
No need to check the weather forecast before the ride

What are the disadvantages?
Doing a trainer ride is mind numbingly boring for an hour and this would be times 6!
No coasting
No drafting
No scenery or picture taking of cows etc
No hills to descend

List of things to prepare
8 water bottles (I couldn’t reuse them because it’s a tradition at our house to throw your water bottle to the side once you have emptied them just like the pros – you should try it, very refreshing)
2 mini tubes of chamois butter (This is the single most essential item of the day)
3 towels
4 bottles of Gatorade
3 bananas
3 power bars
2 gels
3 tacos from the local taco truck (post ride recovery meal)
1 carton of chocolate milk (post ride recovery drink)

2 movies 3:00 (possibly Tommy Boy and Happy Gilmore)
2 episodes of Gilmore Girls 1:30
4 episode of The Office 1:30

So, I’ve got a plan now the only thing I need is the determination. The debate is on. Should I or could I really do this?


Jeff said...

I don't think I could do a century on a trainer. Besides the boredom, trainer "miles" are far tougher on the rear than road miles...but I guess that's where the chamois cream comes in.

I might sign up for the 25-mile option. That should just be about 90 minutes. I can probably handle that.

Jenny said...

Sound like a great day.(date) I'm with you. Experience tells me that I will need about twice the number of water bottles as you since my pile at the side of "the road" always stacks up faster than yours. But really...The PBS version of Pride and Prejudice is just the right length...we could just watch it!

Great post BTW.

Linda said...

Well, if you do decide to throw the waterbottle while you're doing the century in your home on the trainer, make sure the dog isn't around. If the dog got hit with the flying bottle, then the dog might attack you which could cause you to fall off your trainer without a helmet on and have to run outside to escape, which could further lead to needing to avoid stop lights, signs and traffic, as well as resulting in needing sunscreen during your run, during which time you could become very thirsty and have to find a convenience store for some water, after which time you might indeed need to find a bathroom along the way.

Seems to me that if I were you, I'd gently place the waterbottle down on a table set up next to your bike or else it could get dangerous for you.

Mike J said...

Jenny, Pride & Pred = No Riding! I would have a hard time sleeping through that one let alone riding.

Linda, Wow that was the perfect storm of a training ride gone bad. I'll have to rethink my water bottle habit.

Groover said...

Riding 100 Miles on the road would be challenge already. Doing it on the trainer would be a display of character and will power more so than of endurance and strength.

Good luck and I will check in again to see if you did it and how you went!

Buttsy said...

6 hours on a trainer, I did do 3 once early on a Sunday morning and I only had TV which was all of the evangelistic stuff that is on at that time....and I wouldnt recommend it to the average cyclist.....maybe some music even.....find a CD of your favorite songs..that might help for one hour....don't forget with so many water bottles you will have to factor in some stops along the way....

Good Luck and Paw paw lotion is great for chamois chafing or any other rash type injury.

It is reading about everyones exciting adventures on two wheels that keeps reigniting the passion for riding.

Anonymous said...

I've been debating this myself. The schwag sounds really good... do you think that 6 hours of total bordom is worth all that awesome schwag?

jeff said...

I saw Fat Cyclist's challenge, but I'm not sure. The most I've ever been able to do on the trainer is one hour, and that was with dvd's of the Sopranos and Curb Your Enthusiasm. I've even had to break movies into 2 or 3 sessions. It's just not as fun as being outside! And now Linda has me scared. :)