Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Water Bottle Refills

When Jenny and I head out for cycling adventures we both take two bike
bottles with us. After a couple of hours our bike bottles become bone
dry which for a cyclist could spell disaster or an even worse four
letter word. B-O-N-K.

To remedy this situation we've found a great solution that has always
worked in getting our bike bottles refilled with water. The convenience
store. Now you're probably saying to yourself, whatever Mike I'm sure
the local 7-11 would be more than happy to sell you a drink. I'm not
talking about buying a drink in this case but getting some water for
free. After all, free is my favorite price.

Here are the specific steps to get water at a convenience store
1. Park your bike outside the convenience store where the cashier can
see it.
2. Take your helmet off but make sure you have a good case of helmet
hair before you enter the store.
3. Take your bike bottles in the store and with the most polite manners
you can muster ask "Do you mind if I fill up my bottles with some water"
4. Proceed to the soda fountain
5. Find the water lever located on one of the sodas
6. Press down on the lever and fill up your bottles
7. Thank the cashier for the water as you exit the store
8. Ride away with a smile on your face

Of course, I've purchased Gatorades from these stores from time to time
but most of the time all I want is some water. We have never been
turned down before but once on a century I found a soda fountain that
didn't have a water lever. That was disastrous because I actually had
to buy a drink. I got over it though.

So the next time you're out for a ride and running low on water give
this a try. With a good case of helmet hair and some manners it should
work like a charm.


Jenny said...

Helmet hair frightens me. I just leave mine on. Also...regarding your blog entry yesterday I have found some very nice convenient store restrooms. I even wished I had my camera once because I wanted to copy the decorating style.

Jeff said...

Believe it or not, I've never thought of that. I always end up buying water/gatorade/vitamin water. That should save me a few extra bucks the next time I'm on a long ride.

331 Miles said...

Great advice, as my fave price is also free. I've followed your advice, and I've also filled up in the lavatory sink (disgusting). If you're not comfortable with asking for something for free, your best buy is a full gallon of water. It's usually cheaper than a "single serving" bottle.

jeff said...

331, If I'm thirsty enough the restroom sink doesn't disgust me enough to not refill my bottle, and I don't have to spot the porta-potty. ;)

Jeff L.

Mike J said...

Wow, I think I would have to be pretty desperate to use a restroom sink to fill up my bottles. If it meant no water I think I would do it though. Thanks for all of the comments guys.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I have a better solution.

Map your ride so that your route takes you directly past a convenient spring. You know the kind... a pipe sticking out of the ground with water flowing right out of it. Saves the problem of having to tap dance around a convience store... but you might get mud in your cleats

Mike J said...

A natural spring sounds like a way better idea.