Friday, February 27, 2009

Trash Talkin

This weeks Mike vs Jenny weight loss challenge took on a whole new twist
of competitiveness. In the past the weekly winner would get something
trivial for their prize such as being the one to choose the Friday night
DVD but this week the stakes got even larger.

On Saturday mornings we do the dreaded weekly house cleaning and the
worst part of the routine is mopping the floors. Jenny and I hate it so
much we usually do the mopping together. So this week the winner gets
out of their mopping duties.

I know this doesn't sound like much but the thought of getting out of
mopping has brought out the competitiveness in both of us. In fact, the
trash talking at our house has been kicked up to the level of the fellas
playing street ball.

"I'm gonna lose so much weight I'm going to have to run around in the
shower just to get wet"

"You mopping skills are so bad I'll probably have to come down and
supervise while you mop ALL BY YOURSELF"

And the list goes on and on.

Jenny even went so far as to threaten to make me a cake on Thursday
morning and leave it for me to eat. Lucky for me she didn't follow

This new motivation actually helped in my cycling because I started
doing intervals again on the trainer this week. Not much fun but very
effective when you get out on the road and have to deal with rollers.

Well, this morning was the weigh in of truth and I lost a pound. The
problem with that is Jenny also lost a pound so we tied.

We probably shouldn't do a double or nothing because I might resort to
the sugar free jello diet like the fat cyclist.

That wouldn't be pretty.


Jenny said...

I still think that the percentage was higher for my body size. Take that into consideration. No way on the double or nothing, you have to come up with something new

Groover said...

I think Jenny is right. You will have to go by percentage "pounds lost per body weight". Happy mopping! Do you know how many calories you burn while mopping? You will win next week. LOL

LVP said...

I have a suggestion. I'd like to be in this deal - so how about you set up some rules like the one suggested by Groover (#/weight) and invite us all to join you. It would be interesting to see how many and who would like to be motivated by something like this. I have a goal to have Barack Obama as a follower on my blog, maybe Michelle would like to lose a pound or 2.