Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Double Century Carrying Donuts

So, today at work I was the recipient of an all day meeting notice. Since I knew I was going to be sequestered all day in a conference room I came prepared with a gynormus 44 oz glass in order to remain hydrated, my laptop, and a turkey sandwich. I had everything I would need in order to survive.

I showed up a little early to get a good seat and settle in for the duration. A minute or two after I sat down in walked into the room a fellow team mate carrying two large boxes full of donuts. I quickly did some math and figured out that there were 24 donuts for the 12 of us. Oh yeah, 2 donuts a piece.

Once the boxes were opened and the smells filled the room a person showed on each of my shoulders. On the left shoulder was Fat Boy Mike and on the right was Fit, Trim and Fast Mike. Boy did they have a compelling debate. Here were some of the highlights.

Fat Boy Mike
- Come on man, be a team player and eat your two donuts you sissy
- What if the donuts don’t all get eaten? Don’t you remember your mother telling you if you didn’t eat your food that kids in 3rd world countries would starve?
- Oh man, can’t you smell those maple bars? Those smell awesome. You better get one before they’re gone.

Fit, Trim and Fast Mike
- Dude, do you really want to carry those donuts with you ALL the way from Seattle to Portland when you ride the STP in July. All 204 miles. Think about it!

It is now after lunch and Fit, Trim and Fast Mike is winning the argument. I’m going to be incredibily fast come July.

We’ll see how I’m holding up at 3 this afternoon.

Update: It's now 3 and no donuts eaten yet. The outlook is looking good because they've gone stale


Jenny said...

Go Fit Trim and Fast Mike. You can do it. You can win! Fight! You can't nullify last nights intervals. You worked too hard. Win!

331 Miles said...

Good job avoiding those fat pills!

jeff said...

Put your donuts in your pocket, you might need them at about mile 190.

Lizzylou said...

We have a local race called the Donut Derby. Basically, along the race there are several rest stops serving donuts. For every donut that you eat you get a penalty on your race time. That way when you do poorly you can blame it all on the donuts.

Groover said...

Where they Krispy Kreme Donuts? My slim, fast and trim Groover would not have put up such a fight! That's for sure. Very well done!