Sunday, March 29, 2009

Action Wipes Review

When Jenny and I brought our first born son home I was petrified because I knew nothing about babies. I remember thinking to myself “What if I were to drop him because he’s so wiggly and What if he breaks, he’s so tiny”. I remember that first day when we realized that he had a dirty diaper I thought to myself “oh no, here we go”. That first diaper change took both of us holding down body parts and wiping like there was no tomorrow for what seemed like hours. I’m sure it was only 3 or 4 minutes but when it was all said and done he had a clean diaper but we sure did have a huge pile of used wipes in front of us.

It’s amazing how you learn and adapt though. By the end of 10 years of changing diapers I could change a really dirty diaper in the dark, with my eyes half closed and still only use one wipe. After so many years of diaper changes I don’t have many fond memories of changing diapers but also I don’t have many bad memories either. The one thing I still can’t get out of my head after all of those years is the smell of wipes and what that relates to. Anytime I smell a wipe I think of one thing and that’s a ripe diaper.

You’re probably thinking to yourself what the heck does this have to do with cycling? Believe it or not there’s actually a connection here.

Recently, Martha Van Inwegen of Action Wipes sent me some of her Action Wipes and asked me to give them a try. Action Wipes are a larger, reusable and tougher version of a baby wipe and they smell a whole lot better. When I opened them up and took a whiff there was no correlation to dirty diapers for me so I was all in for giving them a try.

Last Thursday when I made my maiden voyage with my new bike I had a limited time to get some riding in. I took off at 2 knowing I had to be home to take my youngest daughter to piano lessons at 5. Because I knew I was going to try out the Action Wipes I was able to stay out until the last second before I had to do my Dad duties. As I arrived home from my ride I put my gear away and pulled out the Action Wipes to give them a go. When I opened up the package I was a little over powered by the smell because it’s a mixture of Tea Tree and Eucalyptus. That’s really not my favorite smell but it wasn’t your run of the mill baby wipe smell either so I was good with it. I was also a little skeptical about wiping my face down with this wipe because of the strong smell but I had made my mind up that I was going to give it a try so I did just that. At first, it was pretty strong but man did this wipe do the trick. I was able to clean up with one wipe because they are very large and the smell of the wipe went away really fast. I really couldn’t smell any scent after a minute. So off I went to take my daughter to piano and I actually felt pretty darn good. When she was finished we rushed off to a choir concert of hers for the rest of the evening.

Here’s the kicker. Jenny was willing to sit by me the entire evening without the slightest pained look on her face. They must have really worked. I was sold on them. So, the bottom line is do Action Wipes replace a good shower? Absolutely not, because nothing is as good as a nice hot shower after a ride. But, if you’re in a rush for time, need to pick up some things at the store after a ride, want to get a bite to eat before heading home, or need to clean up after your bike commute and before work Action Wipes are the way to go.

I’m going to keep a packet of these around from now on. Also, if you’re a bike commuter I’m sure these will look way cooler sitting at your desk than a large container of baby wipes.


Buttsy said...

Mike, seriously a BIKE SHOP put us onto this big secret a couple of years ago....Baby wipes (and we just buy the cheapest ones that you (the cheap refill packs) to clean the bikes down and they are great....tough enough to get into some of the more delicate places on the bike without falling I am hearing you and already converted....

My bike cleaning kit
- small paint brush
- kerosene
- ice cream bucket to put kero in and to hold under the chain as you pain the kero on it with the paintbrush (a 2 inch wide thin brush) and the bucket catches the drips
- rags to wip the chain and derailers after you paint it with kero to loosen off all of the nasty stuff
- some soapy water just car wash to clean the bike after
- I finisg it off with some polish.

Baby wipes for touch ups

Anonymous said...

That's the problem with 'freshening up,' you can't trust your own opinion since it's virtually impossible to smell yourself, you need a second opinion. I'll trust Jenny's nose though.

Jeff said...

Sounds like I may need to upgrade from the baby wipes I've used on my commute...

Mike J said...

Buttsy, Thanks for the advice on using wipes for bike cleaning. I hadn't thought of that before. Also Kerosene on the chain. I bet that works great. They really push environmentally safe degreaser here but I bet Kerosene works a lot better.

Jenny said...

It's true. No stench at all. I'm sold on Action Wipes and will keep some available at home and in my bike seat wedge.

Linda said...

These sound like something I will be buying in the near future, and also thanks to Buttsy for some great info. I'll be buying baby wipes now to clean my bike, for sure.

Mike, I realized something...isn't it cool that Jenny got you the Madone that matches the background pic you have here of chip seal? Great planning, Jenny! Between the yellow and black,Mike's new ride will never show dirt...maybe?

Action Wipes said...

Mike, thank you so much for the review - that's awesome. We're working on a single pack wipe, which will be released in May and will tone down the tea tree and eucalyptus scent with a bit more frankincense - all three are great natural antibacterial oils.

As you noted, the wipes are strong and can be washed and dried multiple times (I've tested up to 5x), therefore they can be repurposed as cleaning rags for the bikes and around the house too.

For those that want to try Action Wipes, use code "wiped" and get 15% off at

Thanks again Mike & Jenny!