Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tour de Flu

For the last week the kids have been battling the flu off and on at our house. They all looked like they were finally getting over it but last night they took a turn for the worst. When I got home from work all of the kids were still looking pretty miserable and Jenny wasn’t looking very good either. Needless to say, things were grim at our house. I'm really hoping everyone will snap out of it soon. It's just no fun being sick. While I was in the kitchen I heard a comedian on the radio who told the most fitting joke I’ve heard in a long time.

When is the only time it’s appropriate to yell "I’ve got diarrhea" in public?
When you’re playing scrabble!

That joke really cracked me up but only got courtesy laughs from the rest of the family. I wonder why? By 6:30 pm I was the only one who was still awake in the house. For some reason I didn’t get the flu like the rest of the family. So, in celebration I brought my bike downstairs and rode on my trainer for an hour. It was like my own private Tour de Flu stage.

I recently checked out the documentary on the Civil War by Ken Burns from the library. I watched one of these DVDs while I rode. It was fascinating. I wish someone would do an in depth documentary on the Tour de France like Ken Burns has done on the Civil War or Baseball. I would buy that in a second.

I’m continuing to wash my hands whenever I think about it in an attempt to bypass this bug. Wish me luck. If I’m lucky stage 2 of the Tour de Flu could be tomorrow night.


JoLyn said...

Sorry about the flu...but I really liked the joke!

Jenny-Jenny said...

I really wanted to ride that tour with you, too bad those kids took me with them instead.

ty + nikki said...

we were listening to that station last night, too...he was pretty funny! hope your kids, and Jenny, get feeling better soon!