Sunday, November 1, 2009

Plans for November

I came downstairs this afternoon to the sounds of Mmmmmmm....... and Ohhhhhhhhhh......
This is the sight of a very successful Halloween. My son went trick or treating last night dressed up as an M&M and carried a pillowcase. This afternoon he celebrated his successful evening by almost suffocating himself with his pillowcase over his head while eating as much candy as possible at one time. Good Times!!!

Now that we have made it to November it's time to unveil my plans for the month.

1. I'm going to participate in the NaBloWriMo. In a nutshell it's a challenge to write a blog post every day of the month. This could be a rough challenge because my blog posts haven't been very frequent lately. That will change this month!

NaBloWriMo - National Blog Writing Month

2. I'm going to participate in No Shave November. Last year my kids heard that the Oregon State Football team held a No Shave November challenge. Ever since then they have asked me if I was going to participate this year. Well, I'm going to give this a try but I'm only going to "attempt" to grow a soul patch. Jenny isn't very excited with this idea so we'll so how it goes. As for day one it's going strong.

3. I'm going to eat massive quantities of Pie culminating in the 7th Annual Pie Night toward the end of the month. In years past we've hosted this event at our house but it's grown so large that this year we rented a hall for the event. If you live in the area come on down because we've got room.

This is going to be a great month. Let the writing, growing, eating and occasional bike riding begin!

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On your Mark... get Set... GO!