Sunday, November 15, 2009

Duct Tape Nerd Pack

Our family has a tradition of making one Christmas present for each other in addition to ones that we buy each other. Since we needed to get a package in the mail to our son in Uruguay right away so it would be there in time for Christmas we all sat down and created for him some Duct tape masterpieces. The kids and Jenny made him a glasses case, tie, notebook cover and wallet. All of these items were made entirely out of duct tape. I made him a duct tape pocket protector. I really don't think he'll ever use it unless he's invited to a nerd rodeo. If so he'll be a hit. Here's a picture of my creation. It's amazing what you can make with duct tape.


331 Miles said...

Some electrical tape accents would take it to the next level! I bought my brother a duct tape wallet for Christmas a few years ago. Didn't have the patience to make it myselft

Jenny-Jenny said...

That is so awesome. I wish I could be there when he opens it to see his reaction. Good work.