Monday, November 2, 2009

The Bike Room

A couple of days after my son moved out of the house the vultures (our kids) swept in to scavenge through his remaining movie posters (he used to work at a movie theater) and clothes that he didn't pack away. My youngest daughter also moved into his room. I have to say that everyone was pretty sad to see him go but the kids loved the additions to their rooms and wardrobes. He is doing really well by the way.

Once the dust had settled we ended up with an empty bedroom right next to ours. It was empty for at least 15 minutes before all of the bikes moved in and made themselves comfortable. We also moved in a drum set, couch and a 13 inch TV/VCR combo. This is now one of my favorite rooms in the whole house.

Cable isn't connected to that room so we've been watching old movies that we have on VHS while we do trainer rides. Since it's been raining enough lately for us to consider building an ark we've had a lot of opportunities to do trainer rides. I love this room and have been enjoying watching movies that we haven't seen in years. Here is a list of some we've recently watched.

Return to me
The Italian Job
Tommy Boy
Finding Forester (My favorite so far, I love that movie)

I'm thinking about hitting the local thrift store to look for some cheap VHS movies. I bet I'll be able to pick up some classics for next to nothing.

We are calling our new room "The Bike Room" but I think we could do better. Got any ideas for a room name? I'm open for suggestions.


Jenny-Jenny said...

I love having the bikes in their own room!

JoLyn said...

How about "The Gym"?