Saturday, November 14, 2009

6WS - Painting The House Isn't Cross Training

Yesterday was my day off of work. When I get a day off I normally go for a really tough bike ride in celebration but yesterday's weather was horrendous to say the least. It was rainy and the wind was howling so I decided to work on one of my goals for the year.

I know that 95% of my goals are cycling related but the one that isn't is to be a better husband by working on home improvement projects. Yesterday the project was to paint the living room with Jenny. I'd like to think that it was some good cross training but after 10 hours of painting the only thing that got worked out were my shoulders and arms. Not really cycling related muscles but they are killing me nonetheless.

Anyhow, the room looks great and in the long run if I get a bunch of home improvement projects finished during the horrible weather when the sun decides to come out I'll be out on the bike tearing things up.

So painting didn't turn out to be very good cross training but it is a very good investment for cycling in the future.

Although if I don't get to training I'm going to end up looking like this.

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jeff said...

In the future I think you should ask my permission before posting my picture.

Big Oak said...

Actually, I thought it looked more like me.

Anyway, home time is good, because if you spend enough time working at home, bike time is that much better!

monica said...

Painting is always fun on a rainy day! Happy Saturday!

MarjnHomer said...

what colors did you go with?

Jenny-Jenny said...

Okay, You are definitely getting on the trainer tonight. I just can't have you looking like that.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Painting is a chore
that can turn into a bore
if you have no help.

My Six Words

Bridgette said...

Hey who took that picture of me?!?LOL just kidding. Happy 6WS!

JoLyn said...

Lucky Jenny!

DC said...

What? Was it the hat?

Call Me Cate said...

You have to do what you can given the circumstances. If it's gonna rain, might as well do some work around the house!

Sorry I'm so late visiting. I totally flaked this week. Thanks for participating in 6WS!