Friday, November 6, 2009

How to Buy a Bike Trainer (Part 2)

Part 2 of How to Buy a Bike Trainer

Once you have made your decision on what type of trainer to buy here are some other things to look for in a trainer
  • Make sure it’s sturdy and stable. The last thing in the world you want to do is lean over while riding and fall to the ground causing untold injury. You would never want to tell your cycling buddies that the gnarly gash on your leg was caused while riding on a bike trainer. That’s where unforgiving nicknames come from.
  • Make sure it’s easy to install and remove your bike on the trainer. Since no one is ever motivated to ride on their trainer if it’s a long or tough process to put your bike on your trainer there’s a good chance you’ll find a lame excuse not to ride. Most trainers are designed to quickly install your bike. If it takes longer than a minute to install your bike flunk the trainer.
Where to buy your trainer
  • Most bike shops carry really nice bike trainers and they will help you find one that will work for you. New trainers also come with a warranty. The only downside to this is you’re going to pay full price for a trainer. Unless you’ve got piles of extra cash laying around that you are dieing to get rid of this isn’t the best place to go.

  • There are literally thousands of bike trainers that have been ridden only a couple of times if at all and then tucked away in a closet for a couple of years that are on the market at incredibly reduced prices. These are the ones to look for

  • You can also find trainers on huge sales that have been returned. We picked one up at REI in Seattle that someone returned because they couldn’t figure out how to assemble it. We assembled it at the store, made sure it worked then bought it before someone else picked it up. We got it for half price.

So there you have it. Now you have no excuse for sitting around this winter. And if you get started training now you’ll be ready for the 3rd annual 100 Miles of Nowhere. Happy training.


Jenny-Jenny said...

Good information. I love my trainer and I love the 'basement' at REI. That trainer isn't the only thing we've purchased for next to nothing!

Jenny-Jenny said...

And... we made some college students pretty happy when we got rid of an old couch through Craigs list.

Groover said...

I always prefer the miles to somewhere over the miles to nowhere but they certainly are worthwhile putting in. I have been training a lot on the windtrainer with my powermeter lately even though the weather is perfect!