Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Ride

Yesterday morning I woke up with one goal in mind. Go for a ride of course! When I looked out the window it wasn’t raining but it looked awfully cool. You see we have been having October weather in August lately. The other night while Jenny and I were watching the weather report we noticed that the Seattle area was the coldest spot in the country. I mean a high of 61 in late August is not your typical weather.

So, after cleaning the kitchen, moping the floor, mowing the lawn, birthday shopping and going to a wedding reception I was ready to ride. Lucky for me the weather had gone from cool to rainy to sunny. By the time I got out for a ride it was sunny and in the low 60’s.

Since it was getting late and Jenny and I were planning on going on a date later I decided to only go for a short ride. The route I chose was to ride from our house then up 64th street, over to the centennial trail and down to Smoky Point and back. This is a pretty tough ride so it was prefect for a short trip.

Lately I have been doing a lot of weight lifting including an emphasis on the legs. I think this is really starting to pay off because I was able to make it up the hills a lot easier and my average speed for this route was up. I could really tell that my cardio is lacking though. After getting to the top of the first hill I stood at the light and was involuntarily gasping for air for at least a minute. I guess this is an area to work on.

All in all I was very pleased with the ride. My speed was up and I wasn’t completely wiped out by the end. Since tomorrow is Labor Day Jenny and I are hoping to get another ride in. Man I love holidays.

Distance: 16.75 Miles
Avg MPG: 14.1

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