Thursday, August 21, 2008

My 2009 Cycling Goals

As the bulk of the cycling season comes to a close I’d like to make my grandiose plans known for 2009 to beat the holiday rush.

Before I unveil my BIG goal I’d like to review my 2008 cycling season accomplishments. I can summarize it all up in one word “Bummer”. At the beginning of the year Jenny and I had plans to ride the RSVP

That ride sold out before we could buy tickets. Plan B also fell through which was to ride the STP because of conflicts with EFY for the kids.

So 2008 has stepped along without a cycling commitment or plan. Soooo, the longest ride of this year has been a mere 40 miles. Enough of the whining from me because it’s my own fault.

Now for the 2009 goal! Jenny, Barry, and I along with anyone else who wants to ride with us are going to ride the 2009 STP next July. We plan on signing up for this ride in January as soon as sales open up in order to commit ourselves to train for it. This will be the 30th anniversary of the STP so why not ride in celebration. The ride is scheduled for July 11 - 12, 2009 which is a Saturday and Sunday. Because we have a commitment on Sunday we are planning on starting on Friday and then finishing up with the one day riders on Saturday.

Now that I’ve got the big goal announced here are my short range goals to get prepared for the STP.

On a weekly basis my goal is to ride at least three times a week. This will be mostly on a trainer as the weather gets wet and cold. If I’m using the trainer I plan on pounding away for an hour a piece including intervals twice a week. I also plan on doing some weight lifting in order to help with my hill climbing. Longer training rides will start in the spring when the weather gets warmer.

As a dress rehearsal for the STP, Jenny and I plan on riding the Flying Wheels Summer Century. This is a really tough ride. My goal is to make it the whole 100 miles this time.

I am really excited for 2009 cycling events.

A lot of my blog entries in the future will be talking about how my training is coming along in preparation for the STP. If it seems like I’m slacking off I give you permission to give me a hard time in order to get me back on track.

If you are interested in riding the STP with us please let me know because we’d love the company. 2009 is going to be a GREAT year.

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Al Miller said...

Re: your 2009 goals

A bunch of us (15) got left out of RSVP this year as well so we formed our own group and did the ride two weeks earlier. We called it the Bark Fooey ride - info and some pictures at This ride came together via the internet/email and the Cascade Bicycle Club Community pages since none of us knew each other before the planning started.

We had folks from a wide range of backgrounds and locations including three from New Hampshire who came out and did the ride with us!!

Everyone who participated all agreed that the smaller more intimate setting of this ride was way better than the mega rides we have all done. One of our riders used to be the RSVP ride director for Cascade, another couple of riders had done RSVP like 6 times, and then there were folks like me who wanted to but had never actually done it before.

We haven't set a date yet but I am pretty sure the groundswell will be to do this ride again in 2009. We will be having a "reunion" ride together somehow at the Kitsap Color Classic on Oct 5 where we may discuss timing for next year.

Al Miller