Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bakery Ride

On Friday afternoon after we arrived on Lopez Island and set up camp Mike and I rode over to the best bakery in all of the San Juan islands. Holly B’s Bakery.

The ride was short but very scenic. On our exit from the campground we spotted a bald eagle flying around in a field right in front of us. It really is amazing how wide their wing spans are.

It was a 4 mile trip over to the bakery through some less traveled roads, up over a hill and down to the Lopez Village.

Once we arrived at the village I knew just where the bakery was located because Jenny and I have been there a lot in the past. If you are ever on Lopez Island you have to make it a point to stop in at Holly B’s Bakery. It’s simply the best.

I got a cheese cake square with local raspberries. It was really good. In fact, I was wishing I had two or three more but I resisted. After we made our purchase we sat out on the chairs outside of the bakery and did some serious people watching while we relaxed. There is a definite difference between the locals and the tourists. After sitting there for a half an hour or so we decided that we should get back to the camp. I hated to leave but I knew that we should.

The ride back was equally scenic except the bald eagle had left.

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