Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Great Day at the Beach

Have you ever had one of those days where you say to yourself “dang, it just doesn’t get any better than this!”

Jenny and I had one of those days recently while we were in Florida. The day started out by sleeping in until we were good and ready to wake up. This just doesn’t happen enough these days. Then we got ready and made our way out of the condo and down to a bagel place for breakfast. We also picked up some sodas for our day on the beach on the way home.

A walk down the beach
Once we arrived home again we grabbed some towels and beach chairs and headed out to the beach. Our condo was situated right across the street from the beach so it’s just a short walk to get there. No need to pack up the car at all. If you ever get down to New Smyrna Beach, FL you should check out the condo we stayed at. Very comfortable, clean, affordable and a great location. (http://www.floridasplash.com/)

Anyway, once we got down to the beach we dropped off all of our gear and decided to take a walk. We walked for quite a ways looking at all of the sights. The beach was very clean and the sand was incredibly fine. Where we live the sand is a lot coarser so walking on this sand was a treat. We were also surprised at all of the very dark tans that people had. Where live the sun doesn’t shine very often so a dark tan is very rare unless you are a tanning salon junkie. We ended up walking so far that both of our feet were hurting pretty good before we got back.

A great swim
Now that we were back where we started we decided to cool off in the water. I couldn’t believe how nice the water was. It was just slightly cool getting into but once you were in it was very comfortable. In fact, after paddling around for a couple of minutes there was no getting me out. This was the best water temperature I’ve ever felt in the ocean. Jenny and I took turns floating around on the boogie board that we had and just floating around on our own. After a while we started doing some body surfing with and without the boogie board. Good times! All in all we were in the water for a good 3 hours. That was the longest I’ve every stayed in ocean water ever.

A great conversation
After we were good and pruny from being in the water for so long we sat in our beach chairs and just soaked in the rays while doing some people watching. We ended up talking and talking and then talking some more. It was really nice to not be under any time pressures and to be able to do some catching up. We ended up talking for a couple of hours.

A “great” sunburn
We could have hung out on the beach for at least a couple of more hours but we could tell that we were getting burnt to a crisp so we reluctantly headed back to our condo. I haven’t had a sunburn like that for years but it was worth it.

After cleaning up a bit we headed out to end the day with some dinner. We had a great meal at JBs Fish Camp. This restaurant was billed as seafood with a southern flair. It lived up to its expectations. Good eats. After we ate we took a walk out on the pier that they had set up. All of the sudden I started to itch all over. I was worried that I might be having a reaction to the seafood but alas it was the mosquitoes. They were eating us alive. I’ve never been attacked like that before. We didn’t hang out too long there and thus this ended our day.

By far this was the best day I’ve ever spent on the beach.

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