Monday, May 11, 2009

Youth Night Cycling Topics

For some reason the people at the church where I attend found out that I know a thing or two about cycling. I’m not really sure how they found out because I’m pretty sure I haven’t worn my cycling cap to church. That might be a good idea though, think of the embarrassment I could inflict on my kids if I were to do that.

Anyway, since I know some things about cycling I was asked to talk to the 10 – 13 year old boys this Wednesday night about cycling at our church. Today I sat down and developed an outline of what I wanted to talk about.

I seriously considered devoting some time to the importance and advantages of Snot Rockets. Just think of the debate I could have with this group of boys on the form and delivery of a proper snot rocket launch. Of course the activity at the end of the night would include a snot rocket launching contest. I’m thinking it would be the funnest and grossest youth night activity of the year. After thinking about this a little longer I decided to scratch the idea from the agenda for the night due to the number of phone calls I’d get from irate parents after the event. I guess I’ll just let them find out about the wonders of a good snot rocket delivery all on their own.

So here’s my agenda for the night.
- The importance of wearing a helmet
- Proper hand signals
- How to fix a flat
- Brake adjustments
- Gear adjustments
- Importance of keeping your chain lubed
- Proper seat height
- Passing etiquette (the use of onyerleft)
- Proper gear selection

OK, now that I look at my list of things to talk about I’m going to have a bunch of bored boys on my hands. I obviously need to spice things up a bit. This is where you come in. Got any ideas of how I could talk to 10 to 13 year old boys about cycling without putting them to sleep and without getting any phone calls from parents?


Linda said...

Well, you could try:
- The importance of wearing a helmet to deflect a wayward snot rocket.
- Proper hand signals before launching a snot rocket.
- How to fix a flat from a sharp snot rocket.
- Brake adjustments needed to stop before hitting a wayward snot rocket.
- Gear adjustments to make sure you can get away from a snot rocket.
- Importance of keeping your chain lubed and free from snot rockets.
- Proper seat height so you don't launch the snot rocket onto your knee.
- Passing etiquette (the use of onyerleft)when the snot rocket is approaching onyerleft.
- Proper gear selection to speed up and avoid an approching pre-launched snot rocket.

This will teach the kids and maintain interest. Glad to help.

Jenny-Jenny said...

Linda cracks me up. But she may be right for boys that age, at least you would keep their interest.

SMB tech geeks said...

How's about demonstrating whilst juggling flaming batons?! Hope it's gone well ;0)

331 Miles said...

1) Pizza
2) Arts & Crafts (make a keychain out of a short segment of bike chain for example)
3) Contest to see who can do something the fastest (change a flat?)

Dawn said...

After watching you with young people for 18 years, I am sure they will love you! You'll be great because they all know you and will listen to every word! You could always shoot Idaho potatoes!!!

Rantwick said...

Show them that Danny Macaskill video and blow their minds... on second thought, they would probably just kill themselves trying to ride down their backyard fence... nevermind!

Krista Park said...

Teach them how to fall properly. (Without bikes) pretend to crash into each other and fall without extending arms, tuck head and roll. This will absorb the impact. Try to roll right back to your feet and walk away.