Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Giro d'Italia

Last week when I heard that the Giro d'Italia wasn't going to be televised I was severely disappointed.  I had figured that there is so much cycling on TV these days that Versus or another network would surely pick it up.  Since I didn't have enough time to get a good ride in on Saturday I opted for a trainer ride instead.  As I flipped through the channels while I was riding I noticed that there was a cycling event televised.  Bonus!  It's always easier to ride on the trainer when cycling is on.  For some reason I'm motivated to push harder on the trainer when I watch others REALLY beat themselves up on the bike.  

I had figured that this event was a replay of the Tour of the Basque Country that was on last month but to my surprise it was the Giro d'Italia.  I could almost hear the halleluiah chorus singing in the background as I watched.  So, for those of you in the US the Giro is
televised on Universal Sports.    If you're into watching cycling on TV (which you really should be) you should check to see if Universal Sports is available in your area.  

There are some advantages and disadvantages to the coverage.  The major advantage that I noticed is that Craig Hummer isn't one of the announcers.  I know you're probably breathing a sigh of relief too.  The disadvantages are no Paul Sherwin, Phil Ligget, or Bob Roll.  These days cycling just isn't the same without English accents and a goofy guy who can only talk with his hands.  I've also noticed that Universal Sports is doing their coverage on the cheap because there are no background segments during riding lulls and the interviews after each stage are done by Italian reporters with thick accents.  This really leads me to believe that the announcing is done here in the States in a studio while they watch the same video feed that is broadcast.  

I'm not really worried about any of that because for the next 18 days or so the Giro will be televised which will the perfect addition to the Century to No Where.  I had specific plans of which DVDs to watch during this century but I'm thinking that at least 2 hours of those DVDs will now be replaced by the Giro.  By the way, I'm pulling for Levi in the Giro.  He's been relatively quiet so far but they haven't hit the mountains or time trials yet.  So go to your TV right now and figure out what channel Universal Sports is on.  Go Levi!!!    


Jenny-Jenny said...

Cycling on TV = Happy Mike. It's all good.

331 Miles said...

Thanks for rubbing it in. I have DirecTV. No Universal Sports. Only option is online streaming video. Ugh.

Dawn said...

If nothing else, I'm happy you are so excited, Cycle Guy! If there's a sports channel available, you can be sure you know who can find it!! Right?

Linda said...

Wish I got that channel but I don't. Enjoy!

jeff said...

I honestly don't know if I get that channel, but I'm going surfing right now.

Buttsy said...

Not sure who is commentating on the Oz coverage, but he is no Phil Liggett thay is for sure but a friend of mine is doing some interviews and commentary on a website called ozcycling.com.au and it features the aussie riders but might be worth a look for some offbeat clips.