Wednesday, May 20, 2009

C2NW Update

As many of you know the century to no where is scheduled for this Saturday. When I signed up for this event I had all of the details planned out down to the number of breaks to take but just like everything else a couple of things have changed since then.

Start Time
I had originally planned on sleeping in a little since it is Saturday and starting some time around 8. Last Sunday I was asked to speak at a Baptism for some great kids that I taught a Sunday School class to years ago. This meeting is at 2PM on Saturday. So, my plans of sleeping have been flushed. The new plan is to get up between 5 and 5:30 (depending on my motivation) have a bowl of granola then climb on the bike. I'm hoping to get started no later than 6:00. Getting up at 5 on a Saturday isn't my idea of fun but this will give me enough time to finish up my ride in plenty of time for the Baptism.

I had originally planned on watching a couple of movies and some other DVDs during my ride but now I'm leaning more toward renting a TV series that I've never seen before. Of course this would be after watching the daily stage of the Giro D'Italia (can't miss that). Since I'm not much of a TV watcher there are a lot of TV shows I've never seen that could be interesting. Here are some that I've heard of but never seen: Lost, 24, ER, Band of Brothers and the list goes on. Since I've only heard of these shows I'm not sure which ones are good. This is where you come in. I need a recommendation of a good TV series that would hold my attention while pounding through some major trainer miles. Know of any good ones? No Mr. Ed or the Barnaby Jones won't cut it this time as my sanity could seriously hinge on this.

One of the items that you get for participating in this event is a tube of DZNuts chamois crème. If you've done much cycling you know that chamois crème is one of the essentials to a comfortable ride. As of yesterday I haven't received my ride package in the mail yet which isn't a big deal except for the chamois crème because we are running SERIOUSLY low on our supply. If the DZNuts doesn't come by Friday I'll be making a trip to the LBS for my own supply. Friction really isn't my friend.

Live Blogging
Since I will be doing this ride in the house I plan on setting up my laptop on the table next to the bike. That way I can provide live updates of just how nuts and painful this event turns out to be. I'm thinking that the first couple of hours won't be a problem but after that I'm really not sure what to expect. If you're interested in what it's like to ride a trainer for 100 miles tune in on Saturday morning to live the torture with me. I might even do some typing as I ride along but we'll see. If my updates get really strange and incoherent you'll know that 100 miles on a trainer just isn't healthy.

I'm actually pretty darn excited to do this ride as I'm sure many of you are as well. Bring on the adventure!


Jenny-Jenny said...

It will be a day to remember! I hope the weather is cruddy so we don't have to wish we were outside instead.

Di said...

on the TV show recommendations, I'm not a big TV watcher I don't even have TV, however I do watch series on DVD, so I have a good list for you that is closer to fitting your time frame. If your looking for drama/action Band of Brothers or ER however ER is I believe 12 seasons long. Lost is a great series but tends to be confusing and at 5:30 am how coherent are ya???

Linda said...

I don't watch any of those shows either so I have no idea. I tend to stick to the Discovery channel and Food Network (yeah, I'm that boring).

I'll be checking in to see the live blog for sure when I get home from work on Saturday, which will be 2PM your time. Best wishes!

jeff said...

TV shows on DVD is the way to watch TV. Lost is terrific, but at the end of each episode I'm left wondering what just happened. I've only seen a little of Band of Brothers, but it looks awesome. I DVR reruns of West Wing and love to watch them, but I have to fast forward through the commercials. I'll check for updates on Saturday. Good Luck!

Buttsy said...

100 miles on the trainer - that is one huge commitment - good luck hope you have a comfy seat!,,,100 miles on a trainer I cant even get my head around that. I have been on the trainer all week since my collarbone is still mending and I get off as soon as my clock says 1:00:00 for time as one hour is enough for me - even watching "Everyone loves Raymond" I did a Chris Carmichael on Tues which was very very (for want of a better but not "blog-friendly term") hard!

Anonymous said...

I'll be doing my ride to nowhere on Sunday (most likely). I have a group ride of 50 miles scheduled for Saturday that includes going to a diner and back... that's somewhere.

The Old Bag said...

Dude, I think you need to rethink the TRAINERAREYOUNUTS?!?

When you come out a babbling idiot, don't say I didn't warn you!

...I tried.....

Rob said...

Watch Monk. I hope you have someone take pictures, or maybe just one picture since the secenery is not going to change much. Have a great ride!