Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting Me Cycle Geek On

In the past I've written about my favorite riding shorts and how I'm really attached to them. In fact, I almost always wear them over my cycling shorts because they are just so darn comfortable.  I know, I know, how can you be a true cyclist without proudly wearing geeky cycling shorts?  Here's a shot of me sporting my favorite camo's. Don't they look comfortable?  Do you see the quandary I'm in?

Lately, I've felt the need to get rid of the camo's for rides longer than 15 miles and "get my cycling geek on" by wearing my cycling shorts with pride. I am a cyclist after all. I own 3 bikes, use bike bottles for around the house chores, love cycling jerseys and wish all shirts had pockets in the back, when I'm not cycling, I read about other people cycling, and I write a blog about cycling. OK, I am a cyclist so I should probably look like one right? So last Friday when Jenny and I went for a training ride, I left the camo's at home and sported the full cycling look. For the friends and family who read this blog who aren't into cycling you might want to shield your eyes before you scroll down the page. Here's a picture from Friday.

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I must admit it wasn't that bad at all. In fact, it was actually quite nice to just wear the cycling shorts while we were out. Jenny on the other hand was having a harder time with them than I was. I guess she has stared at the camo shorts for longer than I have. While we were taking turns pulling she commented that she was having a hard time getting used to the idea of me wearing just the cycling shorts, but would eventually get used to it. Wait a minute here, I thought I was the one that had the issues here! I guess Jenny needs some time to get used to them too.

Well, this season one of my goals is to get rid of the camo's and wear cycling shorts. I swear they ought to have some kind of class for letting your inner cyclist out because I could really use some pointers.  I think I can do it, but you can count me out on the whole shave your legs thing.  It's not going to happen!


Jenny-Jenny said...

It's kind of like a bike helmet. At first they looked weird. But I know know, it's not about looks - safety and comfort.

Linda said...

I had to chuckle while reading this, Mike. I'm not entirely comfortable riding around this town in spandex so because of your camos, I thought it was a great idea and I now ride with baggy shorts over the spandex ones! Traitor. :o)

jeff said...

I don't even enjoy shaving my face, I'm not about to shave my legs. And, as for the picture, nice shorts, and a nice jersey, eh?

Buttsy said...

OK, the worst thing about lycra for me is that my boyfriend decided to wear his oldest ( and a bit see through knicks) one day on a training ride (ok some of the guys try this from time to time....it is not necessarily pretty but...) thyen there was a crash and my boyfriend had to get an ambulance to hospital - Now my work buddy (the paramedic) has never let me live down how traumatised he is from the sight of my boyfriends backside through his old shorts......now that is embarrassing - lesson one is lycra shorts are fine - old see through ones are not....and the camo? OK if you want to look like a commuter!

Oh and yes my bf does shave his legs.....

Jeff said...

I don't shave my legs either. I did it once and it freaked out my wife. But I definitely go with the spandex shorts 100x more comfortable than baggies on the bike. And if you get bibs, there about 10x as comfortable as non-bib cycling shorts.

Ohiorider said...

Good decision to drop the camo's. I find riding more comfortable with bike shorts.

I agree with not shaving your legs. They say it adds a few extra seconds to your speed, but then again so does building leg strength. On the other hand, I'm not a pro-level cyclist.

And Jeff, I shaved my legs once and it freaked my wife out too. I guess it's good she's not into that hairless look because I wouldn't want to have to keep up shaving my legs along with my face.

Mike J said...

You guys have all pushed me over the top. Bike shorts it is.

Buttsy - I with you on not wearing old pairs. I've followed enough people wearing almost see through pairs of cycling shorts to know that no one should have to stare at that.

On the shaving - I agree, I have a hard enough time just remembering to shave my face once in a while. That would be just one more thing to remember. No thanks.

Thanks for all of the comments!