Friday, May 22, 2009

Photo of the Week

Note from Mike:  I received my Century to No Where package in the mail yesterday so I'm set to go on Saturday.  My parents have even bet each other $1 dollar on whether I can do it or not.  Now I'm extra motivated to prove that I can do it because I don't think either one of them think I can.

Last Friday I posted a couple of photos with the intent of providing some moments of escapism while people were at work.  I received a number of comments with peoples interpretation of the second photo which was a bike laying on the side of a heavily wooded road.  Most people thought it looked like a bike that had been abandoned by a rider looking for an emergency rest stop (if you know what I mean).  I thought peoples interpretations were great so I named that photo "Unscheduled Emergency"

So for the next couple of Friday's I thought I'd post a "Photo of the Week" and let everyone use their imagination on giving it a title/caption/interpretation.  So this is your chance to dust off your creativity and give a photo the funniest, whackiest, most profound title/caption/interpretation imaginable.  Don't be shy, I won't be offended.

The Weeks Photo

Last week Jenny and I went for a training ride and at the first rest stop I was the first to go into the convenience store to use the restroom.  When I came out Jenny looked pretty relaxed sitting in between the bikes so I took a picture.  I thought it was kind of weird that I was able to walk right up and take it because she didn't even move.  When I started talking to her it startled her because she had fallen into a deep sleep in the 2 minutes while I was in the store.  Now that's what I call a rest stop.  That's what is actually happening in the picture but now it's ready for your caption, title or interpretation.  Go for it and have a great Friday!


Linda said...

"Hmm...did I turn the oven off after I took the bread out?"

Fremont Mike J said...

Sleeper Ride!
Sleep Number Bench!

331 Miles said...

I bet a dollar that you CAN finish the 100 Miles to Nowhere.

Photo Caption: Om...Om...Om

jeff said...

As for the CTNW, It never crossed my mind that you would not finish. Failure is not an option!

Caption: "I hope Mike doesn't scratch the IZ off of my bike."

Groover said...

"Headless Helmet"

How much did you pay for your helmet? Do you need an excuse to buy a new one? Imagine: You friend deep asleep, someone accidentally bumping into your bike, helmet hitting the ground hard ...

Dawn said...

"I'll just sit here for a second. No one will notice."

Dawn said...

From LVP: "I think I'll take just 40 winks, and her eyes immediately closed!"
JJ: Recognize those words?