Thursday, August 13, 2009

Your Own Private Idaho

Every year our family travels to Clifton Idaho for a family reunion on Jenny’s side of the family. While we are there we spend a couple of days in a cabin up in the mountains above Clifton. What? You say you’ve never heard of Clifton before? Well, neither had I before I married Jenny.
I did a little research about Clifton and found that in 1930 the population was 217 and when the last census was taken in 2000 the population had been dramatically reduced to 213. I’m not sure where those 4 people went but I’m sure they are missed. My father in law grew up on Clifton on a farm in the 30’s and 40’s and back then Clifton had a small store and a post office. Now in 2009 you guessed it Clifton has a small convenience store and a post office. No more, no less.

This really blows my mind, my father in law grew up in a house that was ordered through the Sears catalog and was delivered in pieces to be assembled. I’m sure that you could order a pre fab house on these days but I’m thinking the housing market of Clifton is saturated now except for those 4 people who have moved away over the years. My father in law could very well be one of the missing 4 because he moved away to the big city of Orem Utah.

Since I grew up in a large city, the small town thing is very foreign to me but I have to admit I like it for a couple of days. We brought our road bikes on the trip but being in Clifton makes me wish I had brought my mountain bike. Maybe next year.


Linda said...

What a beautiful place! I'd love to live in a place like that. Do you or Jenny have anymore photos? They are gorgeous.

jeff said...

Your description reminds me of where my Dad was born. But, the middle of North Dakota isn't nearly as scenic as Idaho.