Monday, August 3, 2009

I love Technology

Remember in the movie Napoleon Dynamite after the credits when Kip sings the “I Love Technology” song to Lafawndah?

Well, I just ended my usual Monday morning Instant Message (IM) conversation with a cycling buddy at work where we talk about where we rode over the weekend. Here’s how the conversation basically went.

Buddy: Dude, have you ever ridden on Camano Island?

Mike: No, did you ride there this weekend?

Buddy: Yeah, it was awesome, Check this out.

(Mike quickly looks at route so he can comment)

Mike: that looks like a great route, top speed of 48mph bet that was scary.

Buddy: yeah I started to get speed wobbles

Mike: whoa, I might have been hitting the brakes. I did the Snohomish group ride. Check out this route. You’d like it

Buddy: Yeah, that looks like a nice route. I’ll have to check out the group ride

Mike: If I can get my bike to Utah while on vacation I’m going to check out this route.

Buddy: Man, that’s a high elevation. Wonder if you’ll feel the difference.

On most Monday mornings that’s how the IM’s go. It’s 5 minutes of cycling geekdom that I totally enjoy. By the end of the conversation for some reason I’ve got Kip’s version of “I Love Technology” running through my head. I Love Technology!


Jenny-Jenny said...

Hee hee. Very funny. That show cracks me up.

Big Oak said...

That will be a classic movie in the near future. I like the 70's grocery store music that plays in the background throughout much of the movie.

Yea, technology is pretty cool. They say Blogger is passe, especially compared with the new iPhones and such. But I am liking it pretty well.

The really neat thing about all of this technology is it allows us to have tight knit communities again with a relatively small number of people, much like it used to be before we had cars and telephones.

jeff said...

A couple years back I was remodeling my store and going to work at like, 5:00am for a month. On the overnight ESPN radio station they would take every opportunity to comment on the Chicago Bulls player, formerly of Duke, Luol Deng. They would say Luol, then play Napoleon saying "dang"! It cracked me up!