Friday, August 28, 2009

The Cycling Psychologist

Last night I just wasn't in a very good mood. I'm not really sure why, it could have been:

Lack of sleep
The alignment of the moon in relation to the earth
Some Dr Phil reason I've never heard of

Anyway, since the weather was nice last night I talked Jenny into going on a ride with me. I'm sure you won't be surprised by this because you've felt it before but after a couple of miles I could feel the Oscar the grouch cloud breaking up over my head and the sun starting to shine again. Oh yeah, I was back to my normal self. In fact, I was feeling so good by the time we were finished I would have let Jenny drag me into a fabric store for at least (no more than) 20 minutes. Since fabric stores are the litmus test of my patience that's saying a lot.

I'm thinking 20 miles of riding on a warm summer night and getting back
right before it gets dark could solve just about any problem.

That's my personal prescription for the day.

OK, not a huge smile but feeling great
There's the huge smile


Di said...

Thanks so awesome that you know what works for you and your positive enough to want to get yourself in a better mood! Not a lot of people are like that.

Jenny-Jenny said...

I was cranky after a day of school shopping with the two youngest kids (14 & 10)and not even sure I wanted to ride. But sure enough, after a little wind in my face and pedals under my feet... Aaaah. I was a happy girl once again. And since we usually ride in the early morning this may be the first time any of you have seen me with make-up on. Maybe someday you see a pic without a helmet=]

Linda said...

A good ride always seems to change one's head, doesn't it? I know that feeling and usually with me it's lack of sleep and stress. But a good ride always puts me in a different mindset.

Big Oak said...

Feeling pretty grumpy after a long week. I guess I better get out on the bike tonight. Thanks for the prescription, doc!

nikki_ty said...

I knew it was you guys last night on the trail. Did you hear people yelling when you whizzed past the lake? That was us. Sorry! Glad you had a good ride-- and that you didn't let us interrupt it. :)

jeff said...

Glad it worked for you. I'll be having that prescrption filled this weekend. And I love your jersey!

Mike J said...

We saw some people out fishing but didn't notice it was you. I guess the big grin I had on my face was getting in the way.

Buttsy said...

From the pics, I am not convinced that you would have lasted 20 minutes in a fabric shop...Jenny would have just got a bigger smile, but your face says...HOW MANY MINUTES???...Myabe it is the shadows?

Groover said...

Awesome smile, Jenny!

Lizzylou said...

And what is wrong with fabric stores!