Thursday, July 16, 2009

Photo of the Week

Now that the hard training for the year is over and the STP is finished it's time for some leisure rides. Today I went for a 10 mile ride with my youngest daughter.

No Lycra
No pockets on the back of my shirt
No socks
No cycling shoes

It was a warm afternoon so I rode in a pair of sandals. Kind of weird but nice all at the same time. I'm sure I'll get the training bug again in a week or two but for now I'm diggin the sandal rides.


Groover said...

Do you have cleats on your sandales? Last time I rode in normal shoes and not clipped in, I almost stacked it on the first hill as I was trying to pull up on the pedals ... ;-)

Linda said...

As long as you still are able to get chain grease on your leg, sandals are highly permissible.

Jenny-Jenny said...


Big Oak said...

It's good to take breaks now and then - that's what keeps the interest level high. Congratulations on completing the STP. Seriously, though, you should seek mental help if this idea of completing the STP route in 1 day persists! That's insane!