Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cycling Air Freshener

Have you ever seen something when you’re out for a ride that causes you to slip deep into cycling thought for the rest of your journey? The other day when I went for a ride with my youngest daughter I glanced over at her bike and I noticed something dangling from her headset that I couldn’t make out at first. Here’s a shot of what I saw.

As I stared at it a little longer I figured out that she had attached a vanilla air freshener to her bike. At this point I slipped into some momentary cycling thought.

  • Why would she attach an air freshener to her bike?
  • Did her bike smell?
  • Does she have an aversion to the smell of chain oil?
  • Did "I" smell and she couldn’t face me with the honest truth so she resorted to an air freshener?
  • Do air fresheners secretly increase the aerodynamic qualities of cycling?
  • Would having an air freshener attached to your bike make pace lining a pleasant smelling and refreshing experience?

After a couple of seconds I snapped out of my cycling thought enough to simply ask her about her air freshener cycling accessory.

She told me in a very matter of fact tone “Dad I have it on my bike because my friend gave it to me”

Duh, why didn’t I think of that?

I guess I should just go back to my usual deep cycling thought topics such as:
Why isn’t funner a word?
If I could choose one super power what would it be?

These topics are a lot safer.


jeff said...

I'm trying to figure out the best place to hang an air freshener from my bike. As for your last 2 wonderings; the world would be a funner place if it was a word, and I would choose the power to fly. The other riders would look up to see me grinning and carrying my bike to the top of the climb.....

Lizzylou said...

I think the best location for the air freshener would be rigged to the helmet and dangling about 4 inches in front of your face. This would ensure that all the air you breathe is fresh and pleasant... even when riding through farm country, or past the sewage treatment plant.

Buttsy said...

lol....funny......Air freshener on a bike, we do ride past a knackery which smells bad on "pig day" but the other farm smells are really great....Fresh hay, pine trees after the rain, eben just the cow smells are ok......must admit not keen on riding on roads where cows have walked!

bobunderfire said...

Im trying to figure out why you daughter is wearing pink Crocs on the bike. A proper running shoe would be nice to see.
At least she wasn't wearing flip-flops!:)

Jenny-Jenny said...

I like the idea of hanging it from the helmet. Fresh scent and great accessory!

Denise said...

hey dad if i bike in the garage (in the winter) the garage will not smell like gas!@>--- :-)