Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Merit Badge Ride

Last Saturday I went on a ride with a local scout troop as they finished up their cycling merit badge. The epic ride of the cycling merit badge is to complete a 50 mile ride within 8 hours. As we started the ride I had my doubts that we would be make it within the 8 hour window because the first 10 miles included 4 rest breaks for both mechanical and non-mechanical issues. By the time that we stopped for lunch our actual ride time was equal to the time we were off of the bike.

Luckily, after lunch the mechanical issues were solved and we kicked it in gear to have some longer ride times in between rest stops. As we rode past the University of Washington we came across one of the stranger works of art that I've seen before. Below is a picture of our group by the "Wall of Death" art exhibit. A good title for how most of the boys were feeling at the time.

The last 15 miles of the ride were slow but steady and as everyone funneled into the finish area there was a lot of exhaustion but joy that the ride had been accomplished. 4 out of the 5 boys who rode surpassed their personal records for distance by more than 100%.

Even though the ride took 7 hours to complete it was a huge accomplishment for the boys and all of them finished. My congratulations go out to them.


Jenny-Jenny said...

Congratulations to the boys for surviving the Wall of Death (and their first 50 mile ride)!!

Linda said...

Great going...I see the camo shorts are back in town!

331 Miles said...

Pink Floyd jersey, Stars & Stripes Peace Sign jersey, and camo shorts. That ride had it all. Congrats to you and the scouts!

Buttsy said...

Not exactly racing machines either...the boys did a great job....although I am sure they had comfy seats!