Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cycling Meme

OK, I've never been a fan of chain letters but I was recently tagged by The Old Bag (she gave herself the name not me) to add to a meme. This one was hard to turn down because I was the only one tagged and it has to do with cycling. This meme originated from Fat Lad somewhere west of Huddersfield in the UK. It went like this:

When I was a young lad, we used to play a word and memory game called: “My old mother went to market” it went a little something like this:

Little Bobby: “My old mother went to market and all she bought was: Tomatoes”

Little Jimmy: “My old mother went to market and all she bought was tomatoes… and some potatoes” until it had traversed the circle of children to me:

Little Fat Lad: “My old mother went to market and all she bought was tomatoes and some potatoes and some carrots and some lettuce and … ” already the witty one ” a rocket powered cyber ninja weasel”

So the meme proceeds as follows:

You nominate a blogger who you know will respond and ask them to add to the list of things they have bought only in June that are cycling related. Come the end of June Fat Lad is going to try and track it’s course and see what we’ve all purchased in June

1. Fat Lad went to the bike shop in June and all he bought was: A new PC971 Sram Chain and a Cassete Spanner and a chain wear tool.

2. TOB went to the bike shop in June and all she bought was: a new pair of ruby red Sidis and some X-Series Cleats (but it's only the 4th!).

3. Mike J went to the bike shop in June and he bought two Gel Flasks and some Handle Bar Grips.
Hey 331, I know you just made some great purchases for your cycling adventures - you get to carry the meme forward.

Blame Fat Lad it's his fault.


Fat Lad said...

Cheers for keeping the torch going and I've now got a new blog to read :)

Fat Lad

331 Miles said...

I'll write up a post a little later!

Jenny-Jenny said...

Looks like fun, love to see what people buy at the LBS!

The Old Bag said...

We're going to have to up the ante if we REALLY want to support the LBS!

WheelDancer said...

So far TOB is winning the spending spree!