Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Great Valentines Day

Yesterday morning Jenny surprised me with the Worlds Best Cake for Valentines day. If you haven't had this cake before you really shouldn't try it because no other cake will ever compare to it once you've tried its yummy goodness. You'll be ruined for life. Once I started eating it I couldn't stop. Today the only thing left in the pan are some crumbs and I'm really tempted to start on them next.

We also went for a bike ride later in the afternoon. It was one of the best Valentine Days ever.

I would have needed to ride a double century to work off all of the cake I ate during the day.

I'm thinking that Jenny is going to clean up in the Mike vs Jenny weekly weight loss challenge. That was a shroud move Jenny. I'm just hoping Mama Mia isn't involved in the prize winnings.


JoLyn said...

Where's the recipe?! Here's hoping you'll share!

Mike J said...


The recipe is hyperlinked at the top of my post under the words Worlds Best Cake. Check it out, the cake is awesome.

Jenny said...
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LVP said...

I know Jenny's cakes, and I'm sorry I wasn't there. However, I'd have taken a nap while you did the bike ride.