Monday, February 23, 2009

Best Ride of the Year (So Far)

Here's my recipe for the best day of cycling in 2009 so far.

Change sunglass lenses from amber to charcoal
Take off back fender
Leave thermal underwear in their drawer
Wear just a t-shirt under a light jacket
Bake at 55 degrees under clear blue skies until legs are burned to a crisp

This time of year riding in the sun without even a hint of rain is quite the anomaly but that is what I got to do last Friday and it was great.

Since Jenny had commitments in the afternoon I headed out for a solo ride around Granite Falls. This is a great rural ride with plenty of hills and not near enough descents. Funny how it always works out that way. The conditions were so great that I let out a couple of “Wooooooo-Whooooos” just for good measure on my ride. I just couldn't control myself.

About 20 miles into the ride I was passed by another cyclist which at the time really startled me because I was the only person around for miles and deep in cycling thought when he passed me. I hate to be passed so I attempted to at least catch up with but my legs just wouldn’t obey (I’m working on that). To make matters worse about 5 miles after he passed me he passed me again. No he didn't lap me, he stopped to fill up his water bottles at a park on the side of the road and I noticed him as I rode passed the park so I knew he was going to pass me again. I felt a lot like the lone breakaway rider sensing defeat as the peloton bears down on you. He was so much faster than me I knew he was going to pass me again. So, I had to just wait for the imminent pass to happen. At least he gave me a nod of approval as made his move.

Toward the end of my ride I started to run out of gas. Luckily, I had a gel in my seat wedge so once I sucked it down I was good to go for the rest of the ride. Gels work like magic and if you have the right flavor they are also magically delicious. I had a strawberry which isn’t my favorite bit it did the trick. I haven’t bonked on a ride in a long time. It’s amazing what you forget when you haven’t done a training ride in a while. I guess that’s why they call them training rides.

Animals Spotted

None of them chased me!!!

Miles Ridden: 42
Elevation Gain: 1782 feet


Jeff said...

It's probably better that you couldn't hang with him. Nothing kicks your butt worse (at least nothing kicks my butt worse)than trying to hang with someone faster than you.

I'm starting to get a jonesing for a bike ride again, but it's still too cold for me here. Maybe Thursday when we get a nice temperature spike.

Jenny said...

Way to go....I wish I had been there!

Brittany, Dan, Kiera and Ethan said...

Getting passed up isn't so bad. I feel like Dan passes me up in lots and I just enjoy the view. (No lovey dovey meaning intended). I know one day I will catch up and I will have gotten more out of my surroundings. However "the nods of approval" are encouraging.