Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Not Easy Being a Loser

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been trying to take my training more serious because I’m planning on doing some epic rides this spring and summer. In addition to inside trainer rides and an occasional outside ride when there isn’t a threat of frostbite I’ve also been trying to eat better.

I actually haven’t had a single donut since the beginning of the year which is quite an accomplishment. I’ve become so serious about my diet I’ve even started eating green food such as salad. This is a major step for me because I’ve always felt that vegetables especially the green ones have poisonous properties and the only reason people eat them is the result of successful government propaganda campaign. OK not really, they just don’t taste very good to me.

Anyway, in order to provide some motivation in the eating better and losing weight area Jenny and I have challenged each other to a weekly contest. Here’s how it works. The person who loses the most weight for the week gets a REALLY BIG PRIZE from the loser. The weigh in is first thing Friday morning with your weight being written on the bathroom mirror so you get to stare at it all week.

When I say really big prize I mean a really big prize. Here’s an example. This week the really big prize is the loser has to pay for a DVD rental at Redbox. If you’ve never seen a Redbox before it’s a DVD dispensing machine usually sitting in front of the grocery store. The cool thing about Redbox is you can rent a DVD for a dollar a day. So this week’s loser is going to be out a whopping dollar. An additional incentive is the movie is then picked by the winner.

This morning was the big weigh in for the week and it turns out that I was the big winner. I rode like a crazy man and ate as much rabbit food as I could stand and it turns out I lost an entire pound. If it were last week Jenny would have whipped me but I caught her on an off week.

Given the fact that I won means I get to keep my streak in tact of not seeing Mama Mia. What a relief! I think that threat was the biggest motivator of all.

We haven’t decided what the prize will be next week but I’m sure it will be equally as good as this weeks. Maybe even a trip to Mecca for a Coke Zero.

It’s good to be a loser, I mean winner.

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Jeff said...

If I was under threat of Mamma Mia! I could turn into a skeleton.
However, I believe my wife could do the same under threat of Live Free or Die Hard. So it's best we don't play those games.