Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well, tonight I went for another trip on the hamster wheel. It’s been raining for the last week so I didn’t have much choice. The weather forecast is calling for some sun this weekend so there’s still some hope for an outside ride. Hope is a good thing.

When I ride on my trainer I’m quite the creature of habit. OK, I’m not a Rainman or anything but it’s nice to have things in order because once I’m riding I don’t like to get off for anything.

Here’s my setup.

Fans: Even in the winter riding on a trainer gets extremely hot so a set of fans blowing on me is a necessity. I’ve ridden without a fan before and I seriously thought my head was going to explode. That wouldn’t be a pretty sight so fans are a requirement.

Sweatshirt: I know, kind of weird since I just said that I ride with fans blowing on me. In the winter when I start out riding the fans are pretty cold so I start by wearing a sweatshirt. After 5 minutes or so I warm up and then the sweatshirt comes off. I must have a 5 degree comfort zone range. Anything out of this range and I’m either too hot or too cold. Strange but it works for me.

TV Remote: This is a must have in order to keep myself preoccupied. If I’m not interested in what’s on TV the clock seems to go backwards.

Cargo Shorts: I wear these over my cycling shorts because they have pockets on the side of the legs. Why is that important? To hold the all TV remote.

OK, now that I’ve reviewed my list again maybe I am a little like a cycling Rainman. Well, gotta go...... Of course, 5 minutes until Wapner, 5 minutes until Wapner.


Anonymous said...

More dumb trainer curiosity from me...

Do you stick the fans behind you to give a nice tailwind assist, in front to build stamina in a headwind, or on the side to create a dangerous crosswind that will push you into the imaginary cars next to you?

Bike Buddy said...

Is Wapner even on anymore?
When I ride the trainer, I like to have the wind coming at me from all sides and I have my kids walk in front of the fans now and then so I can feel the dangerous gust and pull of a big truck passing me on a narrow logging road. Prepared for everything!

331 Miles said...

You should get one of those terrycloth gizmos that stretches between your seatpost and handlebars to catch the sweat, and also has pockets for remote controls! I love mine...