Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let there be Pie!

Last Saturday night we completed the second stage of the cycling fuel reserve trifecta. It was our 6th annual Pie Night. The Pie Night concept is you bring a pie to our house between 6 – 8 pm and eat everyone else’s pie. In the past we have invited a lot of people to Pie Night and it’s been crowded but this year we really topped our personal best for attendance. At least 5 or 6 people came up to me and said “man, it’s really crowded in here”. Oh yeah, that’s a sign of a really good party. It also helped that we invited the fire marshal to pie night so we wouldn’t run the risk of being shut down for breaking the fire code. He didn’t end up coming by his wife did.

Maybe we invited too many people but hey they all bought Pie! Some people were scared away from the crowds and left soon after they arrived but the die hard pie goers hung in there and got all the pie they could handle. By 6:20 our huge dinner table and counter were both covered with pies. Here’s a shot of the goods. We probably had over 40 pies through the night.

I did some serious sampling of the pies. Being the good host that I am I didn’t want people to be offended by not trying theirs so I did my best to sample everything in sight. I really started slowing down after 8 pieces but I was able to press on and get a couple more pieces in through the night. I guess next year I’ll have to start preparing for this event earlier so I can put more pie away. Training is everything.

One of the unique things about the northwest is people automatically take their shoes off when they enter your house. This isn’t a requirement at our house but there ended up being a huge pile of shoes in the entry way. I guess if you were really brave you could have gone home with a better pair of shoes than you came with. We didn’t have any reports of shoe swapping so we must run with a decent crowd.

Also, during the night one of the many kids that were there accidentally stepped on some lipstick in my daughters room and tracked it down the stairs and all around the carpet in our front room. Before we knew it there were 50 or so round red spots on our carpet of lipstick. The parents of the lipstick tracker were mortified but what they didn’t realize is I’m married to the female equivalent of MacGyver. On Monday, Jenny shot each lipstick stain with WD40 and the spots came right up. Who would have thought it? Then all she had to do was go over it with a carpet cleaner and it was good as new.

The night was a lot of fun but very tiring. We still have a couple of pies at our house but I’m doing my part to properly dispose of them before they go bad. I’m already looking forward to next years Pie Night.

Stats for the Night:
100 lbs of pie brought to party
200 lbs of weight gain for party goers
The math doesn't work but somehow it's reality.


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