Thursday, November 20, 2008


When I’ve been riding a lot and am in pretty good shape an interesting phenomenon happens to me at work somewhere around 9 in the morning. My legs start to get really ancy (probably not a word but you know what I mean) then the rest of my body follows and eventually it starts screaming at me “Hey buddy, let’s go for a ride. NOW!”. Kind of weird but I get a ton of pent up energy in my legs that just needs to be released and it's hard to sit still. I may be running the risk of uncontrollably running around the office at full speed just so it will dissipate. In my mind this is a dangerous condition not only for myself but for all of my co-workers. Of course, I somehow find a way to control myself and after 30 minutes or so it goes away but it’s hard to ignore these urges. I’ve come up with a name and acronym for this condition.

CDD – Cycling Deficit Disorder.

Now that I’ve diagnosed this condition I think I need a prescription. An hour of hard riding would probably do the trick. The only problem is at 9 in the morning I really don’t think my boss would go for that. Oh, what a dilemma. I guess I’ll have to just try to ignore my CDD for now.


jasonk said...

Well I'm no laywer, but I've watched a lot of those lawyer shows on TV, and it seems to me that if you have a condition that has a name that can be broken down into initials, and it seems like you do, your boss has no right to prevent you from dealing with the impact this disease has obviously taken on your life. There is such a thing as the ADA, the Americans with Disabilities Act, which guarantees your constitutional right to ride your bike, if you suffer from a disorder such as the one you described. Cycling Deficit Disorder is no laughing matter, and I suggest that you and your bike hire an attorney to shoot off a letter to this man who is so blatantly violating your rights as a consumer, and as an employee, and as a disabled American cycling veteran.
Or something.

Bike Buddy said...

Good one Jason. I think you may have something there. and Mike, Jason may be have a disease!