Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Intervals and Beavers

Well, last night I bit the bullet and introduced intervals to my trainer ride. I must admit that I’ve really been putting this off because to me it’s the equivalent to eating vegetables. In the past, I’ve ridden along with a Chris Carmichael DVD which walks you through the interval routine. After riding along with this DVD 5 or 6 times you start to memorize all of the dialog. This isn’t a good thing. For some reason this really grates on me when I’m suffering to make it through an interval and Chris is telling me to just push through it because it hurts for everyone.

Rather than tolerating the DVD once again I just watched TV while I did intervals. This turned out to be much more enjoyable. Especially when I found OSU Beaver All Access on Fox Sports Northwest. It’s hard to not enjoy what you’re doing if you’re watching anything about the Beavers!

Intervals are a pain but they sure do produce results once you’re out on the road.

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Anonymous said...

Go Beavs! I agree that the better the program on the screen, the easier it is to push forward on the bike. It's almost like good scenery on the road outside, but not quite because a fan in the window just isn't as nice as the breeze from riding down a good hill. BTW I like reading your blog