Friday, September 12, 2008

Cycling Strike?

A couple of years ago our whole family rode in the Tour de Cure event. It was great fun and we ended up raising some money for a worthy cause. Jenny and the younger kids rode the family friendly 15 mile route. For some reason my oldest daughter announced after that ride that she was retiring from Cycling altogether. It’s wasn’t a tearful Brett Favre type of retirement announcement it was more of a matter of fact statement. She was through. She likes to make these type of retirement announcements.

Last night we were talking about something unrelated to cycling and we agreed that we would do something for my daughter. As part of the negotiations I asked her in return if she would go for a bike ride with me once a month. These wouldn’t be long distance epic rides, just nice leisurely rides. Cycling provides you a great opportunity to talk and spend time together. I also offered that these bike rides would include some type of reward like a chocolate shake. Reluctantly, she announced her return to the sport. It wasn’t as dramatic or well publicized as Lance Armstrong’s announcement this week but it was still an un-retirement announcement. I was pretty happy about that.

Well, after a while she came in with some signs and pinned them up on the wall. Here’s a shot of it.

I’m not quite sure what to make of this. Can you go on strike from cycling? I’m still holding her to the bargain.

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Anonymous said...

your daughter might not be too happy about you announcing her strike. is she picketing? great sign!!