Saturday, September 12, 2009

Scout Motto: Be Prepared!

Last weekend I went on a ride with a group of 12 & 13 year old Boy Scouts. They were working on their cycling merit badge and needed to complete a 25 mile ride. I was very impressed with them. They would have rode circles around the 16 & 17 year scouts that I went on a ride with a couple of months. We didn't take very many breaks and when we did they were only a couple of minutes long. When a scout had a mechanical problem they would stop and fix it themselves and there was absolutely no complaining!

The Scout Motto is "Be Prepared" and this bunch of Scouts lived it. When we were in the parking lot before the ride I saw one of the boys open up his backpack and pull out a huge foot pump to top off his tires. That thing must have weighed at least 5 pounds if not more. When he was done he put it back in his backpack and away we went. He carried that baby the entire 25 miles and never whined about it. I'm not sure what else he had in his backpack but it was completely full. I'd say that was some good training. Imagine how fast they would be on a lighter bike not toting all of that weight.


Big Oak said...

What a great time those kids must have had. My scout troop did several bike rides like that. They were a blast.

Jenny-Jenny said...

Way to go! I'm most impressed at their self reliance!

Constantin said...

I was a scout boy as well and yes we had a very strong belief that if we make things harder (like carrying a bulky pump) it would only be for our strength.
I loved the Scouts and I`m happy I was one of them. I still see myself as a Scout in everything I do!