Thursday, September 24, 2009

No More Race Radios

This morning I read on Velo News I read that the UCI has voted to ban race radios in Pro racing. This is pretty interesting in light of the stink that the riders made during the TdF last year on the day race radios weren’t used.

This got me to thinking of the potential conversations that won’t happen if race radios are no longer used. Here are a couple that could have happened this year that we weren’t privy to.

Mark Cavendish: Are we there yet? How many more minutes till I get to sprint?
Director: For the fifth time no we aren’t there yet and if you ask again I’m going to pull this car over.

Lance: Johan, I am no longer talking to Alberto, will you tell him I could beat him in the mountains if I really wanted to, I just don’t want to.
Johan: Alberto, Lance says you’re a great climber and he’ll be right behind you.
Alberto: Thanks Johan, I’m not speaking to Lance either so will you tell him that I’ve got my fake pistol out and I’m ready to use it at the finish line on anyone who dares to challenge me?
Johan: Lance, just try to keep up with Alberto, you’re doing great.

Thor: Mark Cavendish is looking at me.
Director: Just ignore Mark and try to keep your eyes on the rider in front of you.
Thor: But he keeps looking at me.
Director: I swear if I have to come up there you’ll curse the day that you worried about Mark looking at you.
Thor: OK, I’m sorry.

I’m not sure how they will ever survive without race radios but they’ll make it somehow. This should be interesting.


Linda said...

LOL!!! That was excellent!!!

Jenny-Jenny said...

Hilarious! I think you're right!

Seriously, though. How will they know where they are in the standings and stuff? I guess they just have to push hard the whole time!

Big Oak said...

Hah! That was great!

rick is! said...

nice one!