Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Want To Be Like That

The other day while I was out on a ride I saw one of the most incredible sights I think I’ve ever seen. I was on an out and back route and when I get to the end before turning back I stopped for a minute to drink a little and catch my breath. While I was standing there I noticed an older couple sitting at a park bench just finishing up a snack and heading back over to their bikes.

Of course at this point I started checking out their bikes because that’s just what I do. In fact, Jenny always plays a game with me while we are driving. If we pass a car that is carrying a bike she will quiz me after a couple of minutes about what kind of bike was on the back of the car. About 90% of the time I can tell her the make and color without even thinking much about it. I guess it’s one of those useless gifts that I have. All right, that was a tangent. Now back to the story.

Once I finished checking out their bikes I asked them where they were headed. They told me they were out for a day tour and they had started very early in the morning so they had brought along all of their panniers so they could shed clothes as the weather got warmer. They were out doing some bird watching for the day so the husband was also carrying a huge tripod and a telescope. Honestly, they looked like they were having the time of their lives. They then told me that last year they had ridden the Grand Illinois Trail which is a 535 mile loop ride. When I asked them how long it took them they said “well, it took us 2 weeks but we think that was pretty good for a couple of people in their mid 80s”

MID 80s? No way! I asked them how they managed to ride for so long and they said they starting riding in their late 30s and had been riding ever since. The wife told me that cycling all of those years has done wonders for their health.

I didn’t get their names or where they were from but when I grow up I want to be just like them. An 80 something cyclist going on adventures with Jenny.

By the way, they were both riding custom made Rodriguez bikes that were navy blue. Just in case you were wondering


331 Miles said...

Great experience and story! Gotta get my wife on the bike. Would love to be cycling with her when we're 80.

Groover said...

A wonderful story and well told, and I want to be like them, too.

What groupset did they run? ;-)

Buttsy said...

Hopefully we can be riding then, but I dont know if I could convert my partner into a "touring cyclist" he is just too competitive

Big Oak said...

Great story. Those folks are who I want to be when I grow up. I had the pleasure of working with a couple of retired guys in their late 70's when I was in my late 20's. That's why I'm riding now, in my late 40's, so I can be riding in my late 70's.

rick is! said...

cool story