Saturday, January 10, 2009

12 Hours in Photos

I've always been a fan of the Blog 12 Hours in Photos. I think it's a great concept in documenting a day in your life told through pictures. Yesterday I had the day off so I thought I'd give the 12 Hours in photos a try.

6AM: Fixing breakfast for the High School Kids

7AM: Leaving for Junior High

8AM: Leaving for Elementary School

9AM: Bikes taking a break on the way to Snohomish

10AM: Checking out the flooding in Snohomish

11AM: On the ride back home

12PM: Getting ready for Elementary School Christmas Concert in January (Makeup because of snow day)

1PM: The big Christmas Concert

2PM: Taking a nap (one of my superpowers)

3PM: Jenny playing some piano

4PM: Stopping for a bite to eat before a movie

5PM: Marley and Me (good movie!!)

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