Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yard Work Credits

Remember last week when I said doing yard work was going to hopefully gain me some bike riding credits in the future. Last Saturday I was able to cash in on those yard work credits.

As I prepared to go for a ride I looked at the temperature outside for some guidance on what to wear. Since it was only 47 degrees I decided to error on the side of more layers but I think I went a little overboard. For some reason it takes me at least 2 months of cold weather riding to really get in the groove of knowing what to wear.

As I headed down the hill from our house I was glad I had worn all of the layers because the wind in my face was very cold and I was riding in the shade. The downhill section from my house only lasts for all of 30 seconds though and then the 300 feet of climbing stares you right in the face. As I was standing and mashing pedals up the hill I noticed that the sun was now shining and that intense cold I had felt only a couple of minutes earlier was a very distant memory. I was cooking and wondering why the heck I had worn all of those layers.

Luckily, by the time I got over the first hill and things leveled off I rode back into the shade of the trees and all of my layers were tolerable again. There weren’t many people out so I was able to ride along and just enjoy the scenery. Since I needed to be back in a couple of hours in order to go to the Beavers/Husky football game I decided I would just ride out to this nice field with a park bench and turn around.

As I sat on the park bench drinking some water it was really nice to take a look around to enjoy what fall was doing to all of the trees. Even though most of the trees where we live are evergreen there is an occasional tree that turns colors. I like that.

The ride back home was nice but more people were out on the road by this time. All in all it was a nice ride and a very worth while use of my yard work credit. To round out a great day the Beavers beat the Huskies very easily and we all had a great time at the game. Good times. Go Beavs!

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Bike Buddy said...

Good times. Thats a great place to turn around. the view is beautiful!