Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Perfect Cycling Fuel

Years ago when Jenny and I went on our first long distance organized ride we overheard someone talking about his pre-ride meal. He very proudly told his riding buddy that he had a huge plate of spaghetti before the ride. I’m usually a big fan of spaghetti but he was telling his buddy this at 6:30 in the morning. I can honestly say I’ve never climbed out of bed in the morning and said “Boy, I’m starving I think I’ll start off the day with a big bowl of spaghetti”. Actually, I don’t think I ever will.

Back then I didn’t know much about good cycling nutrition but since then I’m discovered the perfect pre-ride cycling fuel. That’s right my favorite pre-ride meal is a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich! This might sound funny but here are my reasons why it’s the prefect pre-ride food.

  • A PB&J is full of the perfect blend of carbohydrates, protein, and youth.

  • This meal is portable so you can take it with you and eat it on your way to meet up with your buddies.

  • It’s relatively cheap when you compare it specialized cycling food.

  • It gives you a good case of PB&J breath which I’m sure your cycling buddies will all envy.

  • Most importantly it’s full of your daily recommended allowance of youth.

I don’t care who you are, riding a bike makes you feel like a kid again or at least it should so eating a PB&J before a ride doesn’t just taste magically delicious it also gets the youth juices going before you start turning those pedals.

You should be careful with what you combine your PB&J with though. If you were to eat a PB&J with an orange soda and follow it up with some pop rocks you would far exceed your daily allowance of youth. This might cause you to ride off of your trail spontaneously throwing rocks and catching frogs. Trust me your cycling buddies won’t like this.

If you’ve never tried a pre-ride PB&J you should give it a spin but be careful. They’re powerful!


Lizzylou said...

Oh the irony! I am sitting here all ready to go hop on my bike for a 60+ mile trip to visit family and back. Just giving my e-mail and such a last check. What did I just eat? PB&J&H (the H is for the honey).

Camp Cupboard said...

Ha! So true. I bring a peanut butter half sandwich with me on any ride longer than 30 miles. (I skip the jelly because it gets runny.)
nice blog.
happy riding,

Peter said...

I also eat PB&H before every ride. yummy, and not too filling

msj09027 said...

OK. I eat PBJ's when riding on long rides. My son and I refer to them as crushed sammiches, especially after they've been in my Camelback. For a pre-ride meal, nothing beats steel cut oats, raisin, and honey. It stays with you for a long time and I can usually do a 30 mile MTB ride and feel good before needing additional fuel.
Just my $.02

Mike Jones

331 Miles said...

I had something new on my last ride -- PB&J with sliced banana inside. PURE HEAVEN.