Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why the Tour De France is the best sporting event of the year

I haven't ridden outside this week so far so I don't have a riding update for you. But I'm really getting excited for the Tour de France to start on Saturday. Here's my top 10 list of Why the Tour de France is the best sporting event of the year.

1. Bob Roll’s pronunciation of Tour-Day-France
2. Crazed fans are allowed to stand so close to the riders on the mountain stages that they can run along the side of them and pat them on the back.
3. Watching the Tour de France increases your vocabulary with words such as Peloton, Domestique, Maillot Jaune, and Musette.
4. Wild sprint finishes – Cycling’s version of roller derby.
5. Displays of sportsmanship – if one of the race leaders gets a flat the rest of the leaders will wait for him to catch up before they start racing again because they don’t want to win on a technicality.
6. Crashes – busted carbon fiber, torn spandex, and road rash! Good times.
7. No cheerleading squads, cheesy half time shows or ticket scalpers to be found anywhere.
8. Punishing mountain stages
9. Watching Bob Roll constantly talk with his hands
10. It’s a lot easier to ride the bike trainer in the house if cycling is on TV.