Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dress Rehearsals

Wikipedia states that a dress rehearsal is used by professional performers to ensure that all the details of a performance are adequately prepared for and coordinated.

Let’s get things clear here I’m not a professional or performer but I have been on a lot of training rides lately in preparation for my double century and they are starting to feel a lot like dress rehearsals.

My last dress rehearsal was a 140 mile affair where I ended up learning a lot of things that you may or may not find interesting. Here’s what I discovered. .

Sunglasses somehow get crud on the inside of them
After riding 80 miles I noticed that either my eyes were starting to rapidly degenerate or there was a film of crud on my sunglasses. Either way I really couldn’t see much. When I took them off to wipe them down (while riding with no hands – that’s for you LizzyLou) I noticed that the problem wasn’t on the outside of the lenses but the inside. What? On the inside? Honestly, I had no idea that I had the ability to shoot tiny sweat pellets from my face to the inside of my sunglasses. What a skill. After giving them a good wipe down and putting them back on I discovered that all I did was smear a lot of tiny sweat beads around thus making my sunglasses unwearable. Not a good situation. Next time I’m going to pack something small to clean off the inside of my glasses so I can see the road. It’s just healthier that way.

I have an enemy in Snohomish
A month ago as I rode through the hills of Snohomish a rather large gentleman wearing some kind of lumberjack suspenders in a small pickup honked and yelled out his window as he passed me. Well, last Friday the exact same guy passed me again honking his horn and yelling but this time he threw an additional enhancement by giving me the finger as he drove by. What at the chances that of the three times that I’ve ridden through that area in the last month he would be out on the road twice? Somehow and someway I have made a cycling enemy in the hills of Snohomish. Lucky for me I didn’t see any NRA, country music, or NASCAR stickers on his little pickup so I’m probably in the clear for a random firearm showing up in our next encounter.

Plastic bags
On the last two rides over 100 miles that I’ve done it has rained for at least an hour during each of these rides. On both of these rides I haven’t prepared properly for rain which forced me to waddle dripping wet into a convenience store and beg for a small plastic bag so I could put my phone and camera in it. I know what you’re saying right now. Why carry around all of that extra weight of a small zip lock baggie if you don’t need it. I agree but in this case I’m going to throw caution to the wind and carry around a zip lock baggie just in case it rains from now on. My prediction is if I carry around this baggie it won’t ever rain again when I’m riding.

A 12oz can of Coke could be considered as rocket fuel
When I was at mile 110 last week I stopped and bought a can of Coke. In addition to being the one of the best tasting things on the planet after riding a significant number of miles, a can of flat coke in your system could be considered rocket fuel. It’s amazing how a huge blast of sugar in your system completely changes your countenance. After that refreshing beverage was in my system I felt like I could ride another 100 miles. I’m going to use this as my secret weapon in the future. Sort of like Batman’s grappling hook that he occasionally pulls out of his Bat Utility Belt®.

I could really do this thing
After all of these training rides I think that I have actually convinced myself that I can do the double century. Ah, the sweet feeling of denial.

Well, the 17th is the big day. Either way, it will be a long but spectacular ride. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Jenny-Jenny said...

I have used Coke as Rocket Fuel, been to Snohomish and seen you ride. 1. I am a Coke believer.
2. Are bullet proof vests heavy? cuz that might be recommended when riding "that" road in the future.
3. I DO believe in you.

jeff said...

I know you can do it. It sounds like you've gotten some great training in. Can't wait to hear a recap of the feat!

Linda said...

I have to try that Coke trick. I hope that guy in suspenders doesn't take a side trip to the way, thanks for your great advice on staying motivated. I am definitely checking into those rides on the link you posted. Many, many thanks.

The Old Bag said...

Agreed about the Coke, but I tend to like mine fully carbonated (something about the burping, I guess).

Wheel said something to me the other day about STP and I said WHY THE HECK WOULD I WANT TO RIDE 200 MILES?!

It's all in the attitude, and it appears you've got the right one :-)

Tracy W said...

Been using that Coke trick for years...usually coupled with a Snickers bar!

As for the plastic bag, I've got a sandwich sized freezer bag that's got at least 1,000 miles on it. I carry my phone in it every ride I take, and throw my wallet in if it's wet!

Dawn said...

Well, MCJ, I hope all goes well tomorrow. I just can't comprehend how someone would want to go through all of that punishment!! It makes my knees hurt thinking about it. But, then, I'm not as young as that little picture looks!
I know you can do it! Be careful! Stay safe. XO
(The word today is undgenl - I hope that doesn't mean anything bad!)