Friday, July 16, 2010

2010 STP Predictions and Game Plan

Everything is packed, I'm super hydrated and my STP bib number has been placed on my jersey of choice.

My predictions for tomorrow:
Frantically search for a port-a-potties
Wonder what the heck I'm doing
Ride some more
Repeat until I ride 204 miles.

I'm planning on starting at 4am and finishing sometime before the sun goes down.

My game plan:
Pray for strong tailwinds and do some major wheel sucking

Unless I have a major mechanical problem they are going to have to pry my hands off of the handle bars before I quit.

"I will commit, I will not quit"

Ride report coming next week.


Dawn said...

I'll probably be awake! It will be 5 am here. I'll be thinking of you as I ride my bike on wii fit plus around the island - but I'll go about 8 miles in 30 minutes. GOOD LUCK MIKE AND YOUR BIKE!!
(the word is crose - it means it will be close but it will be record time!!!!!!!!) GO, MCJ!!!!!

Linda said...

Have a fantastic ride! Take pictures and stuff! I'll have you in my thoughts-looking forward to the report!

JoLyn said...

Great good luck Mike! Can't wait to see your photos!

jeff said...

Good luck! I think if you just keep pedaling, you'll be fine.

Big Clyde said...

This is an amazing achievement. Looking forward to hearing how it went.

Linda said...

WELL????? :)

V twin Motorcycle Tires said...

I love your predictions for tomorrow! Ride, suffer, eat, sleep ride! That's a great spirit for any rider. I love.