Friday, December 18, 2009

Post Challenge Results

Well the post challenge is finished and we had two entries. Both of them are excellent.

First of all is Jeff from the Road blog. Jeff wrote about day 6 of the 2009 Colorado Rocky Mountain Bike Tour. On this day he rode 70 miles and climbed over 7000 feet on a journey from Durango to Ouray Colorado. He’s got some really nice photos of this ride as always. Sounded like a great day on the bike with some crusher climbing followed by some incredible descending. His post can be found at:

By the way, Jeff rides a sweet looking Madone. You take a look at it if you scroll down to the very bottom of his blog. It’s a work of art. Can you tell I’m a little biased with Madones? Finally, Jeff gets extra credit for working the word interdigitate into his post. He put it into the title which is somewhat cheating but I’ll give him the credit anyhow.

The other post was from Groover. She has a great blog that I love reading called Competitive Cycling – Goals and Dreams and Hard Work.

Her post was about the Tour of Bright race that she recently participated in. She trained really hard for this race so I was happy to see that she had bettered her time by 11 minutes this year. Her description of taking some sprint points on the first day cracked me up because she doesn’t see herself as a sprinter. She said “I guess the one-eyed is king amongst the blind so I can be a sprinter amongst climbers”. What a great saying.

Her post is located at:

She also included a video at the bottom of her post which is fantastic. If I ever get to Australia I’d like to take a crack at climbing Mt. Hotham. It looks like a great climb.

So that’s it for the post challenge. It was kind of fun throwing out a post topic and seeing what others came up with. If you’re interested in throwing out a topic for others let me know. I’d love to participate.


Jenny-Jenny said...

With Christmas busy-ness I didn't get mine written. I will write it eventually and let you know. Um... where's your's?

DC said...

Life got in the way of writing which is sad 'cause I really liked your idea!

Groover said...

Thanks heaps for your intro. :-) I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

Jay said...

Been a while since I stopped by for a visit. I like the new top photo.

Anonymous said...

Late Merry Christmas Wishes but it can still work for this year! i love your blog. Keeps my Biking experiences alive.