Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Turkey and Gravy Soda?!

As you know yesterday was Earth Day.  On the way home from work I heard a segment on the radio talking about The Jones Soda company and how they took themselves off of the power grid yesterday by powering themselves via bike trainers hooked up to power generators.  Had I known that I would have stopped by during the day to donate some of my spinning power to their cause.  I guess it was just a bad case of timing on my part because they had invited the public to come down and ride with them in order to power their company for the day.  Here were the details.

If you've ever had a Jones Soda before you know they make some pretty odd flavors but most of them are really good.  In fact, during Thanksgiving they put out a turkey and gravy flavored soda.  I haven't been brave enough to try it but I understand it tastes just like the real thing.  

Next Earth Day I'm heading down to Jones Soda to offer up my spinning power for a couple of hours.  I still don't think I'll be participating in the turkey and gravy soda drinking though.  

Even though I missed the Jones Soda spinning challenge I'm determined to not miss out on the century to nowhere ride that is coming up.  I'm even planning on posting a Dan Henry course marker in front of my bike so I don't get lost along the 100 mile course.  If you're participating too feel free to download this picture and place it in front of you.  That is if you're worried about getting lost.


Jenny-Jenny said...

Dang, How cool would that have been?

Thanks for the Dan Henry! I'm thinking about getting "Lost" to watch during the Century to Nowhere. I don't know, it seems fitting.

Jerry in So IL said...

Jones Soda is a great tasting drink! I haven't had it in awhile.

The different flavors had in thinking about one History Channel show and the tv cameras were filming in a top end jelly bean company. They had a PUKE flavoted jelly bean! And the tv guy actually ate one! He was gagging in the trash can after that! And all I'm thinking is why did yoiu taste it and those stupid lad geeks that delevoped it and had to tast test it. Where do you get bile flavoring?!?!

I have to actually ride on the century to nowhere. No trainer or rollers. I have a "lake to lake" route set up, from Rend Lake to Lake of Egypt and back.


331 Miles said...

Never had Jones Soda, but I'm aware of their nasty holiday flavors. Maybe on a double-dog dare...

Some friends and I are planning doing 100 Miles to Nowhere too. We're mapping out a 10 mile loop, although there's also been some discussion of finding a high school track to ride around!

Linda said...

I saw an episode of one of those home fix-it shows once (I think it was While You were Out) and the husband had Jones soda in the house as a collection. One of the crew tried the turkey soda and I think he, uh...was not happy with it.

Groover said...

I tried Garlic and Chives icecream once and it wasn't all that bad ... LOL

What a great marketing idea to promote a green company image. I'll make sure to check out Jones Soda when we are over there next week. Holidays! Yeah!

Ohiorider said...

I've heard of Jones Soda and their odd flavors, but I doubt I'll ever be brave enough to try one. Having bicycle power in a company sounds great. Could you imagine how many "in shape" people there would be if they ran it like that all year?!

By the way,,,that deer did freak me out! I had to pit stop for a second to make sure my shorts were clean.