Monday, April 27, 2009

Cycling Bucket List

The other day I was catching up on my blog reading and ran across a
great post by OhioRider <> in which he
detailed his bucket list of cycling related things he'd like to
accomplish in his life. That got me thinking about what would be on my
cycling bucket list.

So, here is my list of cycling related items I'd like to accomplish
before I hang up the bike for the last time.

Ride with Levi Leipheimer
I've only had one brush with cycling fame in my time as a cyclist. On
my first organized ride I was riding a super heavy mountain bike. Greg
Lemond was also scheduled to ride on the same ride. As I was suffering
up a really long hill probably maintaining blistering speed of at least
8 MPH I turned around and saw Greg pass me like a bolt of lightning. He
was at least nice enough to say "hey, how's it going" as I turned to see
a blur of lycra pass me.

I'm a little faster on a bike now but I'm sure not near fast enough to
keep up with the big boys. I've heard Levi is a real nice guy so I'm
assuming if we ever rode together he'd at least let me hold on to his
wheel for a minute or two before he dropped me.

Be a spectator on a mountain stage of the Tour de France
Every year I watch the enormous crowds on the mountain stages of the
Tour de France and wish I was there. It looks like so much fun to ride
up one of the stages early and camp out waiting for the riders to come
by. Would I dress up with an obnoxious costume and run along side of
the riders as they roll by? No way, but it sure looks like a lot of fun
to be there.

Ride from Seattle down the Pacific Coast to San Francisco
Most people camp on the way down there but if I'm doing this trip I'm
going to sleep in a bed every night. Sleeping bags and I just don't get

Be the oldest rider on an established organized ride
This one won't happen for another 30 years or so but at some point I'd
like to be recognized as the oldest rider on a well established
organized ride and finish at least in the middle of the pack. I'm
really hoping my body holds up long enough to complete this one.

So there you have it. My cycling bucket list. I don't think I'll be
checking any of these off of my list any time soon but they'll be there
when I get to them. Got anything on your list?


Linda said...

What a wonderful list...back when I raced many, many, many (OK, you get the picture) years ago I actually did get to ride around the Kissena track during a warmup with Greg. I think he was a Junior then but was racing with the Seniors.

Don't get anywhere near that bucket anytime soon!!!

Jenny-Jenny said...

Great list. Can I come with you!?

Jayson said...

Seattle to SanFran sounds like a great ride. I'm totally with you on sleeping in beds the whole way. Why not make it the entire coast?

jeff said...

I like the "bucket list" idea. I'll have to work on mine. One of the items would also be attending the Tour de France. I think it'd the Pyrenees when they cross into Spain that has featured some great views. What a great place to camp, and cheer on the breakaway and peloton as they pass.

Rob said...

Great list! Greg came and rode the Tour de Cure here, and I jumped on with his group until the first feed zone. It was fun, but I burned myself out and felt really bad at mile 80. They didn't even stop at the first feed zone; they're in a completely different class.

I think you need a 2009 bucket list and add LOTOJA to it! Also add CABTOHO (cabin to home). Bring your bike and we'll check that one off this summer, I'm sure Ryan would join us.

Ohiorider said...

Awesome list! Seattle to San Francisco sounds super and I agree whole heartedly with sleeping in a bed rather than camping. Some friends and I went whitewater rafting in West Virginia a few years ago. We were given the option of either a hotel room or camping for the weekend. Being the manly men we are, we opted to camp. Long story short,,,I will choose the hotel next time!